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What Ronaldo accuses the United bosses of

The big reckoning of Cristiano Ronaldo (37)

In an interview with British journalist Piers Morgan (57), the Portuguese violently distributes to the club and coach. In a second fragment that has now been published, the five-time world footballer talks about the most difficult time of his life, when he felt deeply abandoned by the bosses of his club Manchester United.

Ronaldo with Georgina and his children Cristiano Jr., Alana Martina, Eva and Mateo

Photo: Twitter/Cristiano

Seven months ago the Football star and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez (28) publicly announce the loss of their son. The boy died giving birth to the twins, only the daughter survived.

ronaldo In an interview with the TV show “Uncensored”, he almost tearfully reports how he feels left alone by the United bosses. The father of the family: “You didn’t think anything would go wrong. Manchester United officials didn’t seem to believe 100 per cent that my newborn daughter was ill. It was so painful because they didn’t believe me.”

During this difficult time, he had to “be there for my family. That’s why I didn’t participate in the pre-season camp.”

Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina have a daughter together, Alana Martina, born in November 2017. Ronaldo also has three other children whom he brought into the relationship. The mother of his son Cristiano Jr. (11) is unknown. The twins Eva and Mateo were born to a surrogate mother.

Ripe is live on 11/14/2022 Ronaldo billing and BVB alarm

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In the first part of his statement, Ronaldo mainly shot at coach Erik ten Hag (52), who suspended Ronaldo last month: “I have no respect for him, because he has no respect for me.” Ralf Rangnick (“This man ain’t never a coach”) was attacked harshly. The full interview will be broadcast on TalkTV on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Premier League club has so far reacted cautiously to the superstar’s settlement with the club bosses: “ Manchester United takes note of media coverage of an interview with Cristiano Ronaldo. The club will not consider its response until the full facts have been established.”

From millions of fines to being kicked out, anything seems possible.

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