“Craziest Sandbox Shooter” Coming To Steam Early Access Soon

from Yusuf Hatic
Priest Simulator, soon to be released in Steam Early Access, is another crazy title of the simulator subgenre that aims to surprise with an unusual setting.

Standing out from the crowd of simulator games is getting harder and harder, but that’s exactly what the Polish developer studio Asmodev wants to achieve with the Priest Simulator. The game is now available on Steam in the Early Access program and will also be released at a later date for Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, as well as the earlier consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

In a press release, Asmodev promises nothing less than one of the craziest sandbox shooters in history with Priest Simulator, whose diverse mix of genres should serve all tastes. The mockumentary style game is not only a simulator but also combines first-person shooters with hack’n’slash mechanics or the classic sandbox process.

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Priest Simulator itself isn’t a completely blank slate: Last year, Heavy Duty, a standalone mission of the upcoming title, was released as a free download on Steam, satisfying users with nearly 97 percent positive ratings across 600 ratings. Priest Simulator, for example, is compared to Saints Row. In addition to the charming graphics, the sometimes obscure concept, with which Asmodev was able to fulfill his promise with Heavy Duty, deserves praise.

The focal point of Priest Simulator is the game’s setting, which certainly deserves the title “crazy”, at least in terms of its description: in a fantasy version of Poland, a vampire priest wants to retrieve his lost baton and return to Hell. Among other things, he has to fight against Shatanic (sic!) hordes, renovate his own church to be able to preach there, for example, or expel villagers from the fully explorable settlement – all accompanied by a heavy metal soundtrack specially made for Priest Simulator by designed by the black metal band Gruzja.

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