Covid Vaccination Denied: Ice Cube Escaped “Nine Million Dollars”

Covid vaccination declined
Ice Cube Lost “Nine Million Dollars”

Did a denied corona vaccination cost Ice Cube nine million dollars? The rapper and actor calculated that amount in a podcast. He doesn’t know if his Hollywood career is completely on hold, but he thinks it’s possible.

The rapper and actor Ice Cube regularly positions himself as a staunch opponent of vaccination. On a new episode of the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, he expressed in numbers what the denial meant to him in numbers: “I turned down a movie role because I didn’t want to get the damn vaccine. I got nine million dollars late. me go.” His blunt reproach to the comic’s producers: “Fuck the vaccine. And fuck all of you for trying to force me to do it.”

However, later in the podcast episode, he changed his mind and admitted that he didn’t turn down the movie role himself. On the contrary, “those bastards didn’t give it to me because I didn’t want to take the shot.” However, the rapper and actor was not bright: “I didn’t need it.” He never got Corona.

Ice Cube bourgeois O’Shea Jackson did not mention the movie project in the podcast. However, the assumption is that it was the “Oh Hell No” comedy. About a year ago, “The Hollywood Reporter” reported that Ice Cube had left Sony Pictures production. Even then, a refused corona vaccination was given as the reason. Actually, he should have played alongside Jack Black, the recordings were already planned for Hawaii.

No more rolls of film for now?

The corona pandemic also had a huge impact on the film industry. Filming was initially completely halted, but later allowed to take place only under strict hygiene and safety measures. And yet, time and time again, various shooting plans were thwarted by corona outbreaks on the set.

Given that fact, and Ice Cube’s vehemently anti-vaccine stance, it seems hard at this point to imagine him appearing in a movie again anytime soon. He seems to realize that himself: “I have no idea what Hollywood thinks about me right now,” he admits in the podcast.

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