Costs up to 80 euros for the basic game make you sit up and pay attention

For many fans of the 2008 original horror spectacle Dead Space, the announcement of the reboot, which players can grab early next year, must have been a treat. However, a minor setback now awaits for all those who have decided not to dig too deep for the EA Motive remake. Because for the third-person shooter in a sci-fi environment, prices have now been requested for the various platforms for which the game will be available from January 27, 2023.

Console players must have 80 euros on the high edge, PC players 60 euros

Meanwhile, players who use Dead Space want to enjoy on PC, considerably cheaper than console players. Here the basic game costs 60 euros, while the deluxe edition costs ten euros more. For Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, players must have 80 or 90 euros ready, depending on the edition. The PC price isn’t exceptionally expensive, though, and it’s on par with other major titles coming soon, such as Gotham Knights, Sonic Frontiers, The Callisto Protocol, Hogwarts Legacy, and Marvel’s Midnight Suns. All these games also cost another 60 euros.

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On consoles, however, the picture is different: Gotham Knights for 75 euros, Sonic Frontiers for 60 euros, The Callisto Protocol for 60 (PS4/Xbos One) or 70 euros (PS5/Xbox Series X/S) and Hogwarts Legacy for 70 (PS4 /Xbox One) or 75 euros (PS5/Xbox Series X/S). It must be said that EA Play subscribers can expect a saving of ten percent on Dead Space and therefore have to pay eight euros less.

According to Eurogamer, some fans seem to be bothered by this “high” price for consoles, as it is known that it is not a completely new game, but “just” a new edition. A Twitter user is reported to have written that while the Dead Space Remake looks great, the commenter said it wasn’t worth spending $70 on it, so he’s waiting for the price to drop. Another user added that games for consoles are a complete rip off.

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Another user no problem at all with the price. New side missions, characters and gameplay, and especially the return of actor and voice actor Gunner Wright, who lent his voice to protagonist Isaac Clarke in the second and third Dead Space installments, are arguments enough to be happy to pay full price for a complete and real reissue. Dead Space Remake is sure to be another source of hilarious debate about why game publishers consistently charge more for console versions than PC versions.

Source: via Eurogamer

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