Corona incidents rise over 1000 after Oktoberfest – especially around Munich

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From: Tanya Kipke


The Munich Oktoberfest is over. The number of corona cases in Bavaria continues to increase, hospitals are filling up. The districts in Upper Bavaria are particularly affected.

October 7, 8:21 am update: The corona autumn wave is causing four-digit incidents in more and more Bavarian cities and districts. On Friday morning, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin reported official values ​​of more than 1,000 for nine districts and the state capital of Munich. On Thursday, only four districts were above this threshold, none a week ago.

Across Bavaria, the incidence has now risen to 818, an increase of nearly 25 percent within a week. This means that the values ​​are no longer rising as fast as in the previous week – however, they can still be distorted by the holiday on Monday. In addition, the individual provinces apparently have not reported current figures to the RKI.

The districts currently have the highest incidence in Bavaria Furstenfeldbruck with 1333.6, Ebersberg with 1265.2 and dachau with 1206.8. There is also a certain agglomeration noticeable Munich around where Oktoberfest ended earlier in the week. Both the city and three of the four immediately adjacent districts are more than 1000, the district of Munich only relatively slightly lower. In the second week of Oktoberfest, the numbers in Munich had risen sharply. Even before the festival, experts had predicted a Wiesn wave.

After the Wiesn: Corona incidents around Munich break the 1000

Update, Thursday, October 6: After the health authorities had a long weekend of rest, they have been diligently counting their corona infections since Tuesday. At least the cases that are reported. The federal health minister estimates that the official figures must be multiplied by three to arrive at a reasonably realistic value.

Corona in Bavaria: four districts already more than 1000 . on Thursday

Even without tripling, the incidences for various districts in Upper Bavaria are already over 1000. Here is an overview of the 1000 incidents:

  • Furstenfeldbruck: 1210.5
  • Ebersberg: 1157.3
  • dachau: 1118.7
  • starnberg: 1047.2

Altötting follows closely below with 999 cases in the past seven days per 100,000 inhabitants. Only a few districts in the Saarland currently have an equally high infection rate. The incidence for all of Bavaria also continues to rise and now stands at 714. Again, apart from Saarland (950), by far the highest value in Germany.

Original article, October 4: Munich – One last toast. Monday evening (October 3) Wiesn visitors roasted their beer mugs for the last time in the festival tents on the Theresienwiese. After 17 days, the Munich Oktoberfest is over. The celebration also affects the corona figures in Munich. The incidence rose 65 percent within a week and the state capital now stands at 633.

In fact, the incidence of the entire Free State rose by 85 percent. On Friday morning, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported an incidence of 654.8. However, the value is now back at 534.5 (as of Tuesday 4 October).

Corona in Bavaria: incidence over 500 – a district at the top

Two Upper Bavarian districts currently top the RKI’s Germany-wide hotspot list. Incidences are highest in the regions of Miesbach (830.2) and Fürstenfeldbruck (817.1). But the districts of Starnberg and Ebersberg also belong to the top 10, with incidences well above 700. On Monday (October 3) the value in Ebersberg was even above 1000. The districts with the highest incidences in Bavaria on Tuesday (October 4) :

  • District Miesbach: 830.2
  • District of Furstenfeldbruck: 817.1
  • Starnberg District: 797.1
  • Ebersberg District: 773.4
  • Weilheim-Schongau district: 740.6
  • Dachau District: 719.2
  • City of Passau: 706.3
  • Rosenheim District: 788.8
  • Munich district: 673.7

With the exception of the city of Passau, all districts are located in Upper Bavaria. Not only have the incidences increased significantly in the past week, the number of hospital admissions in Bavaria has also risen sharply. According to LGL, an increase of 68 percent from the previous week. The value is now 1,575. The occupation of intensive care beds by corona patients has also increased, according to LGL, with an increase of almost 40 percent compared to the previous week.

The corona incidents in the Free State continue to rise. The PCR test stations have been filled again. © Sven Hoppe/dpa

The current development of incidence must take into account an important factor: no new corona cases are included in the official statistics, neither on weekends nor on public holidays (such as Monday). The numbers should therefore be treated with caution and may again increase significantly in the coming days.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) generally assumes much higher incidences than the statistics indicate. In Friday’s RKI press conference, he said the number of unreported cases was about three times higher. For the entire Free State, the incidence would be slightly less than 2000, in the state capital around 2400. Lauterbach could therefore not resist an excavation with the Bavarian state government.

Corona in Bavaria: Holetschek sees no reason for stricter measures

However, Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) sees no reason for stricter corona measures. Holetschek said in the BR: “We have now decided that we will leave the level of protection as before.” The principle is: “Only what is necessary should be done – and we stick to that.” View the location exactly. Among other things, the situation in hospitals is important. “We then derive measures from this total system, if necessary.”

The increase in incidences, especially in the Munich area, was to be expected from the Wiesn. “Whether there is a direct link is always questioned, but yes, I think it has an effect.” (tkip/dpa)

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