Coming Soon to Steam – What is Stranded: Alien Dawn About?

from Jonathan Harsh
In Stranded: Alien Dawn, players must lead a party that has landed on an Earth-like planet. It all starts with a crash after which the survivors of a small camp with campfire want to be transferred to a functioning society.

With Stranded: Alien Dawn, an interesting Steam title will be released next week for all tactics and management fans. In Stranded, some space travelers explore an Earth-like planet that may be useful to humanity. Unfortunately, on departure, something goes wrong and the space shuttle crashes with the entire crew.

Only four people survive the accident – players can determine who they are at the start of a campaign by selecting four crew members from a large pool. Unfortunately, the rest of the team blesses the time. When assembling the team, the respective strengths and weaknesses should be taken into account, which complement or can get in the way of each other.

Stranded: Alien Dawn is a planetary survival sim

Stranded: Alien Dawn is structured in the same way as Frostpunk, for example. There aren’t multiple levels, but the game starts over every round – just a few variables change with each round.

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First, the survivors stand next to their burning wreckage. Now it’s time to keep a cool head, collect a few resources and build a first small camp with fire. The next is an infrastructure with a house, real beds and a fence. Of course, food is important to keep the crew alive. These can be grown right outside your door in a specially designed garden. The crew can also be sent on a hunt.

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However, not everything on the planet is useful. Some kind of critters are out to get the survivors. To fend off the hordes, defenses and weapons must be built. How far the team can get and whether they can even be saved depends on the skill of the players. Early Access for Stranded: Alien Dawn begins next week, October 12, 2022.

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