Coach Matarazzo likely to retire – though still in office

With trainer Pellegrino Matarazzo, VfB managed to promote back to the Bundesliga in 2020.Image: / Langer

Philipp Kay Koppen

On the previous nine matchdays of the 2022/23 season, the players of VfB Stuttgart impressed with their commitment and willingness to run – unlike their direct competitors in the table cellar such as Schalke or Leverkusen. They even scored points against strong opponents like Leipzig or FC Bayern. At the same time, however, Stuttgart has not yet won a single match.

Continued profitlessness makes VfB boss Mislintat think

This series continued on Sunday: with a committed performance against Union Berlin, VfB was on an equal footing against the leaders for a long time. Only a header from Paul Jaeckel after a corner gave the FCU the lead thirteen minutes before the end. The relegation candidate from Stuttgart then found no remedy against the low-lying Köpenicker.

With five points from nine games, VfB is 17th in the ranking. A constellation that also worries sports director Sven Mislintat. When Sunday’s first win of the season was still far away due to the late deficit, the VfB boss put his hands on the bench in front of his face. After the final whistle, he paced up and down the sidelines, lost in thought, hands in pockets.

VfB boss Sven Mislintat asks for the blessing of the football gods after the home defeat to Union Berlin.

VfB boss Sven Mislintat asks for the blessing of the football gods after the home defeat to Union Berlin.Image: / Sports Photo Pack

On the Dazn mic, Mislintat also pointed out the “discrepancy” between performance and scoring, praising his team’s willingness to fight. However, he could not avoid recognizing the continuing lack of victory for the Swabians as “alarming”. He dodged questions about his coach’s job security.

Kicked out before the game against Bochum? Matarazzo says goodbye

As the “kicker” claims to have learned, the executive suite decision was made before the ninth day of play, that the matches against Union and next week against VfL Bochum should be the last chances for Pellegrino Matarazzoto send VfB out of the table cellar.

Matarazzo also knows that he may soon be unemployed. “I am very optimistic that they can beat Bochum. It doesn’t matter who is on the bench,” Matarazzo looked ahead to Sunday’s next game. “I wish the team every success from the bottom of my heart. They are all great guys, great people,” he said again to praise the team. That sounds a lot like goodbye.

He probably imagined his anniversary differently: the game against Union was Mattarazo's 100th as a VfB coach.

He probably imagined his anniversary differently: the game against Union was Mattarazo’s 100th as a VfB coach. Image: / Langer

In addition, according to “Bild”, after Sunday’s defeat, there was still a conversation between the VfB bosses about the future of the coach.

Accordingly, there is the possibility to pre-match against Bochum . to pull the string. After all, the match against the bottom of the table is an absolute must-win game in the relegation battle. The only question is whether the chances of the first three with a new coach will increase or decrease.


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