Climate protection index 2023: Germany drops three places

Status: 14.11.2022 2:20 pm

In the annual climate protection index, Germany fell to 16th place. According to the authors of the study, the biggest problem in this country is high traffic emissions. The first three places remained vacant.

By Anna Osius, ARD Studio Cairo

White lines: places one to three on the climate protection index remained empty this year. “We were unable to award the first three places because no country is doing enough to prevent dangerous climate change,” said study co-author Jan Burck of the non-governmental organization German Watch. The best country in terms of climate protection is Denmark in fourth place, followed by Sweden and Chile.

Germany is in 16th place – down three places. The reason: the still high traffic emissions.

Climate Protection Index 2023
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United States


Accusation: Ministry of Transport is blocking progress

“Germans drive too much, we don’t have enough public transport,” says Burck, noting that politicians need to take action: “Germany must continue to take the encouraging step towards renewable energy,” says the author.

Political decisions that have been made must now be implemented. The expansion of renewable energy sources must also increase enormously. “At the same time, the Ministry of Transport can no longer block any progress in transport, which it is currently doing.” Massive investments must also be made in energy efficiency, “because we have to at least halve our energy consumption”.

USA rise – to rank 52

At the bottom of the climate protection index are Saudi Arabia and Iran, both countries apparently not doing enough to protect the climate. The US and China are also still in the red, but there is some hope from current US politics, the researchers said: “The US has moved up four places this year, to 52nd place. This is mainly because there is now a implementation package has been decided.”

59 countries are responsible for 90 percent of emissions

The Climate Protection Index evaluates the climate protection efforts and violations of 59 countries plus the EU and compares the climate protection performance of industrialized and emerging countries. They are the countries that are responsible for 90 percent of global emissions. The network uses extensive data for this.

Professor Niklas Höhne of the New Climate Institute in Cologne: “This is the 18th consecutive year that we publish the Climate Change Performance Index. We evaluate four different factors: greenhouse gas emissions, use of renewable energy sources, energy consumption and current climate policies of the respective countries.”

The researchers’ overall assessment: Much more needs to be done internationally to protect the climate – especially now in the current energy crisis. Höhne says:

We see that the energy crisis really stands in the way of an ambitious climate policy. There is a gold rush for gas, many countries are investing in new infrastructure for fossil fuels, especially gas. And if we take the Paris Climate Agreement seriously, we don’t need a new gas infrastructure. The countries that were early adopters of renewable energy are now in a much better position.

COP27: Climate protection index presented: Germany drops 3 places

Anna Osius, ARD Cairo, 14/11/2022 13:03

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