Cathy Hummels wants a fresh start – and cuts her hair

Cathy Hummels now has shorter and lighter hair.Image: Instagram/ Cathy Hummels

Imke Gerriets

A few months ago, Cathy surprised Hummels with photos in which she showed herself differently. In the photos she suddenly glowed with freckles, her lips looked fuller and her eyebrows came out more. The mother of one child emphasized at the time, “I love the look, I think I wear it more often now.” Many of their fans were annoyed by the visual transformation.

“You look very strange,” said one user, for example. The 34-year-old emphasized: “Guys don’t worry, I’m still the same, I didn’t do anything to me. We played with makeup a bit yesterday, I love it and will do it in the future much more often.” Now Cathy surprisingly had her hair cut and shared the result with her community.

Cathy Hummels presents new haircut

In her Instagram story, the presenter took her more than 689,000 fans on her visual transformation. First she announced after her last visit to Oktoberfest: “It was the same with my haircut. I am going home now and tomorrow there will be a big change in my life. And I cut off my pigtails, in the truest sense of the word.”

Cathy Hummels gets her hair cut.

Cathy Hummels gets her hair cut.Image: Instagram/ Cathy Hummels

When the time finally came, Cathy said of the move: “Today is the day of the days. I said ‘yes’, I’m in the mood for a change. That means these things are taken care of here.” Meanwhile, she pointed to her long hair. Incidentally, in addition to her makeover, she also received a glow infusion. Enriched with vitamin C and other substances, this should ensure a radiant complexion and is currently the big trend that has blown over from Hollywood to Germany. For her “absolute beauty day”, her office was quickly converted into a hair salon.

While the stylist was cutting and coloring her hair, Cathy also noted: “Guys, you know, my life is always very turbulent and I love change so much. I didn’t make many demands, I just said: just change me, cut my pigtails, I’m ready for a new me.”

More than 11,000 people finally liked the post about Cathy’s new look. One follower said of her shorter and lighter hair: “Mega, look a lot healthier now, great that you dared.” Also, the comments said: “Completely cool, really fresh. Good luck and have fun in your new life.” And someone else wrote: “That suits you very well.”

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