Catherine: Palast will not release outfit details in the future

Catherine, Princess of Wales
Palace changes the rules regarding their outfits

Catherine, Princess of Wales

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The palace has decided not to release information about the outfits of Catherine, Princess of Wales in the future. A shock to many fans around the world who celebrate Prince William’s wife as a style icon. What’s behind…

Catherine, Princess of Wales, 40, is a style icon around the world and a fashion role model for countless women. In the past, the palace has briefed members of the press on the brands and outfit details during official appearances by Prince William’s wife, 40, and many dresses sold out in hours. The well-known “Kate effect”. After the many official appointments that Kate makes on behalf of the crown year after year, press and fans usually immediately knew which brands the Princess of Wales prefers, whether the dresses are new or custom-made and where the jewelery comes from – information at the content of the Dates often played a supporting role. That should change now!

No information on Kate’s outfits, the palace draws a line

As the focus of coverage of Kate seems to be too much on her outfits, the palace now wants to draw a line and confirm that no information about brands or details of her outfits will be released in the future. The UK’s “Express” quoted an official statement saying that “it is frustrating that so much media attention is focused only on what [Kate] wears”. The background to this decision is clear; it should be more about the charities that Kate not only supports with her visits, and about her patronage. According to “Express”, exceptions should be made for particularly glamorous occasions, such as a state banquet or a state visit.

Catherine’s fashion is most interesting on social media

Fans of Kate’s outfits probably don’t need any info at all; there are now countless accounts and fashion experts on social media alone who have made it their business to find the clothes of the Princess of Wales. On Instagram, “#katemiddletonstyle” is the second most popular with over 150 thousand posts after the general hashtag “#katemiddleton” with 1.4 million posts. Closely followed by “#katemiddletonfashion”, “#katemiddletondress” and “#katemiddletonlook”. Even Duchess Meghan, 41, who is considered a royal fashionista in addition to Kate and is also admired for her style, cannot surpass this interest: under the hashtag “meghanmarklestyle” there are “only” 82.4 thousand posts on Instagram.

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Royalty also shared looks from the Queen and Camilla

The fact that royal family employees release details about the outfits of the royal family has not only been the case since Kate. Information about the clothing of the Queen († 96) or Queen Camilla, 75, was also confirmed after official appearances, but usually did not cause as much fuss as Catherine’s.

She combines affordable fashion from Zara or H&M with bespoke designer robes and fashionable jewelry with the Queen’s jewels, making her a very accessible fashion role model. Large fashion houses and well-known designers also take the style of the mother of three as a model. In a recent interview, Roland Mouret said that he designed his latest collection with Kate in mind.

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