Car accessories for Black Friday: offers from Osram, CTEK & Co.

Car fans will get their money’s worth on Black Friday 2022 if they want to do something good for themselves and their wheels. Accessories such as Osram’s LED dipped beam are sold in web shops with a discount of more than 40 percent! Among the highlights of the “Black Friday car accessories” are the H7 LEDs Osram Night Breaker and the battery charger CTEK MXS 5.0. The editors have collected the best deals for you below. Amazon, Media Markt & Co. also lure in many other areas. you with strong discounts – summarized for you in the Black Friday highlights.

Black Friday: CTEK MXS 5.0 at Amazon

There is almost nothing more annoying than a car that won’t start when you have to leave quickly. With the CTEK battery charger you ensure that your 12-volt car battery always has sufficient power. According to the manufacturer, thanks to the reconditioning mode, it should even breathe new life into old batteries. For Black Friday, you can get Amazon’s practical accessories at a reasonable price.

  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • Old battery recovery mode
  • You save 37 percent

CTEK MXS 5.0 for 58 instead of 93 euros

Black Friday: Osram Night Breaker LED on Amazon

Seeing and being seen is especially important during the darker months of the year. You can currently get the Osram Night Breaker H7 at a reasonable price from Amazon. The low-beam LEDs are approved on German roads and are said to provide up to 220 percent more brightness compared to the minimum requirements of ECE-R112. According to the manufacturer, the LEDs have a lifespan that is up to five times longer than halogen lamps.

  • Approved LED dipped beam
  • Daylight-like color temperature
  • You save 46 percent

Osram Night Breaker LED for 79 instead of 147 euros

Black Friday: Osram Night Breaker 200 at Amazon

According to the manufacturer, the Osram Night Breaker 200 for halogen headlights are up to 200 percent brighter and up to 20 percent whiter than the ECE-R112 minimum requirements. The latter should help to better recognize street signs in the dark. When in use, they generate a cone of light up to 150 meters long.

  • Approved halogen dipped beam
  • Light beam up to 150 meters
  • You save 16 percent

Osram Night Breaker 200 for 23 instead of 27 euros

Black Friday: oono Park parking disc at Amazon

Have you received a ticket because you forgot to put the parking disc on the disc? Aggravating. The oono Park digital parking disc is designed to prevent such accidents. It is mounted on the windscreen, registers, according to the manufacturer, within 60 seconds when the car is stationary and automatically sets the parking time. The parking disc is approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

  • Automatically sets the parking time
  • Approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority
  • You save 25 percent

oono Park for 30 instead of 40 euros

Black Friday: Needit Park parking disc on Amazon

Needit Park’s electronic parking disc also ensures parking-free parking. If the car is stationary for 20 minutes, the clock will be set automatically. The arrival time remains visible until the car starts moving again. Also practical: if the parking time limit does not start until the following morning, the digital parking disc can be set in advance. This gadget is also approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority.

  • Automatically sets the parking time
  • Approved by the Federal Motor Transport Authority
  • You save 33 percent

Needit Park for 20 instead of 30 euros

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Never miss a Black Friday offer again: The links above take you to the deals overviews of popular online retailers who have now significantly reduced their prices. The following applies to all offers: only while stocks last and only while the promotion is running.

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