Call from Bayreuth! Police are looking for photos and videos of the riots in the Dynamo block in Dresden

Some are finally springing into action after Saturday’s riots by a few “fans” in the Dynamo Dresden block, others are looking for witnesses.

If you look closely at the left edge of the photo, you can see: In Bayreuth, people from the Red Chaos fan group of FSV Zwickau were also sitting in the dynamo block. This fantasy tourism must be prevented by selling road tickets to members of the SGD. © image/Dennis Hetzschold

The meaning behind the Dynamo measure is clear: Member-only tickets also mean that other fan groups can no longer run with the Dynamo supporters.

If you look closely at Bayreuth’s photos and videos, you’ll see that at least part of FSV Zwickau’s Red Chaos fan group was in Upper Franconia. Very few of them will be Dynamo members. In this way fanfare tourism must be stopped.

It is clear that peaceful fans not involved in the riots are also affected. Yet this seems to be the first step to get peace in the club. Much also depends on the regular followers themselves.

Dynamos walk to training
Dynamo Dresden
Dynamos walk to training

These get louder and louder and rise up against the small number of chaotic people. The self-cleaning process begins now.

The club’s management, led by commercial director Jürgen Wehlend, will discuss further measures with the SGD committees and the organized fan groups next week.

Dynamo is also in intensive contact with the SpVgg Bayreuth “to contribute to the full investigation of the crimes committed and, if possible, to make a corresponding contribution to compensation for the damage caused,” according to a press release.

The Bayreuth Police Department has meanwhile set up the “Stadion” investigation committee. Six officers are conducting the investigation to identify the perpetrators, along with police units deployed from Bavaria, Saxony and the federal government.

Bayreuth detectives are requesting the transmission of images and video footage of violent riots and other criminally relevant scenes during the Dresden fan march and in the stadium. Witnesses who can provide otherwise relevant information are requested to call the telephone number 09215060 Report to.

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