Buy PS5 at Medimax – Will there be another drop in October?

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From: Noah Struthoff

Medimax surprisingly sold the PS5 yesterday. Here’s what you need to know about supplies and drops for the retailer in October 2022.

Update from 08.10.2022, 09:20 AM: Friday’s Medimax drop is exhausted today. The past has shown that the retailer usually stands still for weeks or months. So if you couldn’t get your hands on PS5 yesterday, Medimax shouldn’t give you much of a chance – but we’re happy to be surprised.

If you want to keep an eye on all retailers at once, take a look at our PS5 live ticker. Here you can also get all the weekend sales and all the relevant information about the most important dealers and insider tips of the day.

Update from 07.10.2022, 10:16 AM: At Medimax you can get a bundle of the PS5. You must strike quickly. Here’s the link to the console, along with FIFA 23 and Gran Turismo 7:

  • Buy PS5 from Medimax with FIFA 23 and Gran Turismo 7

Update from 06.10.2022, 08:58: Even if nothing happened at Medimax this week, the dealer would have a good chance of a decline in October. For starters, Medimax is slowly but surely late when it comes to new PS5 supplies. On the other hand, it is still hoped that Medimax will also offer the new official FIFA 23 bundle in time. Our advice is not to completely neglect the trader in October. The prospects for a decline are not so bad.

In general, if you don’t want to miss a drop and always want to be aware of the current stock situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely check out our PS5 live ticker regularly.

Update of 9/26/2022, 09:48 AM: Medimax last sold the PS5 at the end of August. However, September is still quiet on fresh PS5 supplies – but that could change this week. At least that’s what the council hopes. On the one hand, that would be the “minimum interval” for declines at this retailer at just under a month. On the other hand, FIFA 23 is celebrating its release this week and some think it is possible that Medimax will then be able to sell Sony’s new official FIFA bundle.

In general, if you don’t want to miss a drop and always want to be aware of the current stock situation for the PlayStation 5, then you should definitely check out our PS5 live ticker regularly.

Update of 29-08-2022, 14:05: Visit Medimax! There you can get the PS5 including the drive as an official Horizon bundle and the extra game Gran Turismo 7 for €639.00 – but only to be picked up at a local branch. The whole must be ready for collection within 2 to 4 days.

Original message from 07/29/2022: Hamburg – Medimax has been flying under the radar when it comes to Sony’s PS5 for a few months now. Drops are quite rare here, but the console often remains available for hours. It has been quiet around the dealer lately and the first fans are hoping for a quick decline. What is the current situation at Medimax? In the overview we show you the drop situation at the dealer.

Console Name Playstation 5 (PS5)
Manufacturer Sony Interactive Entertainment (YOU)
Type Stationary game console
generation 09th console generation
storage medium Blu-ray, SSD
release Nov 19, 2020

Buy PS5: Medimax as a console insider tip – what’s the situation?

When was the last addition here? The last sale at Medimax took place on October 7. It was the first sale since the end of March and the console was available for a few hours – albeit in waves. However, things have calmed down a bit since the last drop. In case of a drop, you can buy the PS5 here:

What about new supplies at Medimax? Medimax is more of a small PS5 dealer and you can’t count on replenishment as often. There were no fewer than four months between the last drops. Previously, there was a supplement about every two months. So you can expect Medimax to start selling the PS5 in September.

However, there are currently countless dealers coming to the PS5 and the drops are happening at increasingly shorter intervals. Medimax may also be able to do this and the console will be sold in August.

Buy PS5: Location at Medimax on 02.08. – That’s how refilling goes. © MediMax/Sony/Unsplash

Buy PS5: Tips and Tricks for Buying a Console from Medimax

You need to know: With Medimax, drops sometimes last for several hours. This is because the retailer only unlocks the quota incrementally. So even if you miss the start of the drop, you can still get lucky and grab a console a few hours later. At Medimax, perseverance is therefore rewarded.

In order not to miss a drop in Germany, we recommend our live ticker on “Buy PS5”. There we report on all sales campaigns and exciting offers related to the console.

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