Buy PS5 and pre-order: God of War bundle now available at Euronics


You can now buy the PS5 from Euronics. A rare sale of the God of War Ragnarök Bundle is taking place. We expect the devices to be sold out quickly.

Shortly before Christmas and Black Friday, the sale phase for the PS5 is in the hot phase. We also see this in the game releases. After Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, God of War Ragnarök was recently released. Of course, new games also mean new console bundles. Our PS5 insider tells you which retailers to watch for new offers today.

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The latest news about the availability of the Sony PlayStation 5. Read more about the current situation here.

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You currently have the best chance of getting your hands on a PS5 at these dealers. Note: The number of consoles in each drop is currently very low.

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With the right tips and tricks, it’s much easier to get your hands on one of the coveted next-gen consoles. We also show you at which alternative providers and lotteries you can still find what you are looking for.

Ticker on November 15

11:00 am: Euronics is now selling the PS5 bundled with God of War Ragnarök for 619 euros. With a bit of luck you’ll get another one.

Bee euronics 619 euros*


10:30 am: With the PSVR2, Sony is launching the successor to the well-known VR glasses PlayStation VR. The company has so far revealed some info on the successor model and you should be able to pre-order it for the first time today from 11am, according to a Twitter bot.

advertisement The PS5 (Disc Edition) in a Telekom bundle at Media Markt and Saturnus

Unsurprisingly, this first PSVR2 pre-sale should be through Sony’s own PlayStation Direct online store. Apparently (at least that’s what the Twitter bot says) it’s just an exclusive sale that you can only join with an invite from Sony. You can pre-register for this invitation on the PlayStation Direct website.

Whether you’ll still have the chance to buy a PlayStation VR2 without an invite after the exclusive sale remains to be seen. If you want one, be sure to keep an eye on the store from 11am and update it regularly. Plus, you can still sign up for PlayStation Direct; to receive an invite to the next PSVR2 sale. A date for the next sale has not yet been set.

Bee PlayStationDirect Sign up to sell the PSVR2*


Incidentally, Sony uses the same system when the PlayStation 5 is sold via the online shop. You can still sign up for the next major sale of PlayStation 5 consoles and bundles via the PlayStation Direct website. Use the following link for this.

Bee PlayStationDirect Sign up to sell the PS5*


09:27 am: It’s also worth taking a look at Kaufland’s online marketplace if you really want to get your hands on a PS5 without the stressful queues. There, both single consoles and bundles are offered by external sellers. The catch: Many listings are sold at a very high price.

So before you buy it, you should definitely check the price. Consoles that are offered for more than 700 euros and bundles that fall in the four-figure price range are not recommended unless you want a console at any price.

Bee Kaufland Check PS5 deals*


Sometimes among all the expensive deals there is also some fair or even very cheap offer. It is therefore worth taking a look at the sales platform at least once or twice a day.

8:40 AM: After yesterday’s sale on PlayStation Direct and Medimax, it is mainly the major retailers that you should keep an eye on today. These include Otto, Media Markt, Saturn and also Amazon, although the latter retailer usually offers new offers on Wednesdays.

Otto is interesting because the drops there usually take place on Tuesdays or Thursdays. In addition, the online shop sells new consoles and bundles almost every week. However, since these are usually small quotas and they sell out quickly, don’t wait too long for new offers.

Bee Otto Check PS5 deals*


Media Markt and Saturnus are also interesting. Both dealers have had a mobile phone offer for some time now, where you can get the console for a monthly fee, but there hasn’t been a “normal” sale for several weeks. A suspiciously long time for such a large electronics retailer, so we expect a decline in the near future.

Bee Media market Check PS5 deals*


Bee Saturn Check PS5 deals*


Since we just mentioned it, we’d like to take the opportunity to once again draw your attention to the aforementioned GSM rate bundle with the PS5 at Media Markt and Saturn. For one euro you get the PS5 in a bundle with a Magenta Mobil M 5G tariff. So you don’t pay a one-off, but 39.99 euros per month for a minimum of 24 months. If you calculate the PS5 here, you still pay about 400 euros or about 16 euros per month for the two-year rate.

Bee Media market Safe PS5 for 1 euro*


Bee Saturn Safe PS5 for 1 euro*


The tariff includes telephony and SMS at a flat rate in all German networks, as well as a bandwidth of up to 300 Mbit/s and a switching bonus of 50 euros. For the latter you have to send a text message with “Bonus” to the number 22243.

There could also be a surprising drop at Amazon. A regular look can’t hurt either. It remains to be seen which retailers will save new PS5 offers for upcoming Black Friday and for Black Week that takes place next week.

However, since the dealers are also aware of the importance of this sales event and it is foreseeable that many dealers will be able to offer new consoles at this time, some stores will certainly take the opportunity to put new offers online first.

Sales opportunities at local dealers

Do you not want to buy the console on the Internet, but in the classic store? Then visit Media Markt and Saturn. Maybe it’s worth it for you to visit a market near you. You can often take the console with you or pre-order it. To save time, call the staff ahead of time to check if the PS5 is in stock.

Bee Saturn Find a branch near you*


Bee Media market Find a branch near you*


Better opportunities with small traders?

After the PS5 has been sold in large numbers at the major dealers, the smaller providers are always interesting. From time to time there is a small drop in the game cave. Euronics is also considered a hot candidate.

Bee euronics buy the ps5*


Bee play cave Check out the PS5 deals*


More hot drop candidates

The large wave of PS5 sales in recent weeks was also noticeable on platforms such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace. The supply is currently higher than it has been for a long time. This forces resellers to lower their prices. However, we recommend caution when buying a console this way. Be sure to check the sellers.

Bee Ebay Buy PS5 Disk Edition*


One reason for the shortage of consoles is now known: Sony shipped fewer PS5s in the first quarter of the year than ever before. You can find out why in the linked article.

Console permanently available from E for SIMPLE

If you really want a PS5 and still want to switch power or gas providers, you can get the console from E for SIMPLE. There you will receive it as a bonus for a new contract. There are only 249 euros as an additional payment. In addition to the console, you also get PS Plus and the game Horizon Forbidden West for a year.

Bee E how easy Order PS5 bundle*


Could it also be another console? If you take out a mobile subscription with O2, you get an Xbox Series S with 512 gigabytes of storage space. The price depends on the subscription you choose. On average, however, you pay around 30 euros per month.

Bee O2 Xbox Series S with mobile subscription*


Console rate provides consoles

Another way to buy a PS5 directly is console fare. The retailer has the PS5 on offer, but calls up a price of 999.99 euros that could also come from a scalper on eBay. It is the disc version and the console is sold and shipped by the store itself.

Bee console rate buy the ps5*


Used PS5 from AsGoodAsNew and ReBuy

If a used PS5 is enough for you, you can buy the console from ReBuy. However, the prices there are currently quite unreasonable. Depending on the optical condition, you pay 739 euros to 799 euros for the disc version and 719 euros to 789 euros for the digital edition. New consoles are currently cheaper on eBay.

Bee Buy again buy the ps5*


AsGoodAsNew also offers you used consoles in good condition time after time. However, the prices are also quite high at this dealer. Currently available offers start at 699 euros.

Bee As good as new buy the ps5*


Buy PS5 in Switzerland or Austria

The situations in Austria and Switzerland are similar to Germany: the console is sold out very quickly, both online and offline. There you also have the best chance in the relevant online shops.

Top 5 shops in Austria

Top 5 stores in Switzerland

Buy PS5 on Amazon Spain, Italy, France or UK

Of course you can also look across national borders to see if you want to buy a PS5 abroad. If you want to do that focus on Amazon and only buy consoles sold and shipped by Amazon.

The PS5 Insider appears daily and is constantly updated. As soon as PS5s become available anywhere, we’ll let you know right away in our PS5 Insider. At the same time, we will keep you updated in the individual store items.

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