Buy and pre-order PS5: Otto, Amazon, Media Markt? Here’s the console coming on November 14th


Anyone looking to buy the PS5 might have another chance today. In our PS5 insider we tell you where the popular next-gen console will be released.

Shortly before Christmas and Black Friday, the sales phase for the PS5 is heating up again. We also see that in the releases. After Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, God of War Ragnarök has now appeared. Both games could be offered in console bundles soon. Our PS5 insider reveals which retailers to watch out for today.

PS5 ticker

The latest reports on the availability of the Sony PlayStation 5. Read more about the current situation here.

drop warning

These dealers are currently the most likely to get your hands on a PS5. Please note that the number of consoles in each drop is currently very low.

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With the right tips and tricks, it’s so much easier to get to one of the coveted next-gen consoles. We also show you at which alternative providers and lotteries you can still find what you are looking for.

Ticker on November 14

12:00 p.m.: Most recently, PlayStation Direct sales have opened for all interested parties from 12 noon. When – and if – you can join the digital queue is not yet known. So keep an eye on the shop page now.

Bee Playstation Direct buy the PS5*


11:20 am: The PlayStation Direct sale is still ongoing. If you are not only looking for a new game console, but also for a new energy supplier, then you should take a look at E for SIMPLE. There you can get the console for an additional fee with a new contract.

Bee E for easy Order PS5 bundle with contract*


11:00 am: If you haven’t had any luck buying a PS5 yet, you may have a higher chance of winning. EA is currently holding a PS5 competition where you can win the console and FIFA 23. The closing date for registrations is November 19.

advertisement The PS5 (Disc Edition) in a Telekom bundle at Media Markt and Saturn

10:15 am: With PlayStation Direct, you can take part in the gated sale right away if you’re invited. If you want to buy a PS5 immediately, you have to visit myToys. There are several bundles available immediately, but with a hefty additional cost.

Bee my toys buy the PS5*


08:15 am: The first drop of the day is expected at 10:30 am. Because then PlayStation Direct will start the closed sale for registered PSN users with an invitation.

If you are not registered, you should keep an eye on the store after about 11.30 am. Because then an open sale can follow the closed.

For one euro you can buy the console at Media Markt and Saturn. You get the PS5 in a bundle with a Magenta Mobil M 5G rate. This way you don’t pay once, but 39.99 euros monthly over a minimum of 24 months. If you calculate the PS5 here, you still pay about 400 euros or about 16 euros per month for the two-year rate.

Bee Media market Secure PS5 for 1 euro*


Bee Saturn Secure PS5 for 1 euro*


The rate includes flat-rate telephony and SMS in all German networks, a bandwidth of up to 300 Mbit/s and an exchange bonus of EUR 50. For the latter you have to send a text message with “Bonus” to 22243.

Sales opportunities at local dealers

Do you want to buy the console not on the Internet, but in the classic store? Then visit Media Markt and Saturn. It might be worth it to visit a market near you. You can often take the console with you or pre-order it. To save time, call the staff ahead of time to check if the PS5 is in stock.

Bee Saturn Find a branch near you*


Bee Media market Find a branch near you*


Better opportunities with small traders?

After the PS5 has been sold in large numbers at the major dealers, the smaller providers are always interesting. From time to time there is a small drop in the game cave. Euronics is also considered a hot candidate.

Bee Euronics buy the PS5*


Bee play cave Check out the PS5 deals*


More hot drop candidates

The surge in PS5 sales over the past few weeks has also been noticeable on platforms such as eBay and the Amazon Marketplace. The supply is currently higher than it has been for a long time. For example, resellers are forced to lower their prices. However, we recommend caution when buying a console this way. Be sure to check out the sellers.

Bee eBay Buy PS5 Disk Edition*


One reason for the shortage of consoles has now become known: Sony shipped fewer PS5s in the first quarter of the year than ever before. You can read why in the linked article.

Console permanently available at E for SIMPLE

If you really want a PS5 and you still want to change your electricity or gas supplier, then get the console from E for SIMPLE. There you will receive it as a bonus for a new contract. There is only 249 euros as an additional payment. In addition to the console, you also get PS Plus and the Horizon Forbidden West game for a year.

Bee E how easy Order PS5 bundle*


Could it also be another console? If you take out a mobile subscription with O2, you will receive an Xbox Series S with 512 gigabytes of storage. The price depends on the subscription you choose. On average, however, you pay about 30 euros per month.

Bee O2 Xbox Series S with mobile subscription*


Console rate offers consoles

Another way to directly buy a PS5 is console rate. The retailer has the PS5 on offer, but calls 999.99 euros a price that could also come from a scalper on eBay. It is the disc version and the console is sold and shipped by the store itself.

Bee console rate buy the PS5*


Used PS5 from AsGoodAsNew and ReBuy

If a used PS5 is enough for you, you can buy the console from ReBuy. However, the prices there are quite unreasonable at the moment. Depending on the optical condition, you pay 739 euros to 799 euros for the disc version and 719 euros to 789 euros for the digital edition. New consoles are currently cheaper on eBay.

Bee ReBuy buy the PS5*


AsGoodAsNew also offers you consoles used again and again in good condition. However, the prices are also quite high at this dealer. Currently available offers start at 699 euros.

Bee As good as new buy the PS5*


Buy PS5 in Switzerland or Austria

The situations in Austria and Switzerland are comparable to Germany: the console is sold out very quickly, both online and offline. There you also have the most opportunities in the relevant webshops.

Top 5 Stores in Austria

Top 5 Stores in Switzerland

Buy PS5 on Amazon, Spain, Italy, France or UK

Of course you can also look beyond national borders if you want to buy a PS5 abroad. If you want to do that focus on Amazon and only buy consoles sold and shipped by Amazon.

The PS5 Insider comes out daily and is constantly updated. As soon as PS5s are available somewhere, we’ll let you know right away in our PS5 insider. At the same time, we will keep you informed in the individual store items.

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