Bow Exotic in Destiny 2 even more powerful than expected – inadvertently deals 5x damage in one shot

In Destiny 2, the Destiny Exo-Arc has been gaining popularity in recent weeks. After his adaptation in season 18, he became a real monster in battle. But now clever guards have discovered that you can deal even more damage with it. So much so that even barrier solo champions melt like butter.

The Wishing Exotic Bow is about to become the new Arbalest. Bungie revised the arc in Season 18 to make it more interesting again. As a result, after almost 4 years, the guards retrieved the precious jewel from their vault or earned it in the dungeon “The Broken Throne”.

However, they found out that with the changes to the exo arc, an old damage bug has apparently returned as well. MeinMMO shows you what guardians have discovered in the meantime.

Ancient Exo Bug Melts Champion Enemies

Titan’s exotic Season 10 Citans Bollwerk has a shoot-through barricade.

What did the Guardians find out? However, after many Wardens used the bow, they found that the bow deals a lot more damage than it should in a particular Exo combo.

  • the advantage Broadhead” causes the wisher to cause arrows to deal damage both when entering and exiting.
  • If you combine Wunschender with the Titan Exotic “Citan’s Bollwerk”, the exo arc can now even penetrate and damage an opponent up to five times.
  • So players can land 3 normal hits without a barricade and with a barricade you get 2 extra hits from the game – ie 5 damage numbers on opponents.

In the Cheese Forever video you can see how the combo is played and what damage you do with the wish ender.

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Up to 5 damage numbers on request are currently possible.

In fact, in our tests, as Titan and the two exotics “Wisher” and “Citan’s Bulwark”, we were able to deal up to 80% more damage to various bosses in Lost Sectors.

This particular number of the Exo Arc is not new: In December 2019, this was exactly what was already a bug with the exotic arc. Instead of damaging enemies only twice (when entering and exiting), he instead damages them up to four or even five times. As a result, the damage was tripled, sometimes almost quadrupled.

Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 now kills almost everything with one shot

Exactly this bug seems to be back in 2022 after the changes in Wunschender. On top of the optimization the arc has already gotten in season 18, it gives the guards a distinctly unintended and strong damage plus.

The bow does more damage than the current anti-barrier favorite “Arbalest” and still has unlimited ammo available.

However, the damage plus only works in PvE. In PvP, the effect doesn’t seem to apply to Guardians.

Solo players should use the combo quickly: Especially for solo players, the bow is now a practical thing as anti-barrier champions just melt away with the desire ender and make some activities easier for them.

When will this be resolved? It is currently unknown when Bungie will fix this bug. The developer has not commented on this yet.

However, you should assume that Bungie may correct the error quite soon. Either by taking out the Exo-Bow or, more likely, by taking out the Titan Exotic Citan’s Bulwark.

Have you noticed this staggering increase in damage? Or will you stay true to the Arbalest? How soon do you think Bungie will fix the problem? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

By the way, Destiny 2 wants to touch 26 more Exotics in Season 19 and has already given the grain to one of the most popular support Exotics as a teaser:

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