Boss Martin Kind under pressure after writing from the DFL

What if the child wins in court?

If Martin Kind wins the trial in the regional court, Hannover 96 would likely have violated the DFL’s 50+1 rules and should be sanctioned. In any case, according to the “Bild” report, Paepke has announced that the contracts and constructions on 96 “will be checked for compliance with the 50+1 rule and will demand amendment of the articles of association if necessary”. This means that the DFL would have to step in immediately and change the current division of power at Hannover 96 in favor of the eV – basically a defeat for Martin Kind, despite the win in court.

But then Kind could take action against the 50+1 rule. However, the process would likely take years and go through several agencies.

What if the child loses in court?

If Kind loses the case, he would be fired as director of “Hannover 96 Management GmbH” – thus losing management of the gaming company “Hannover 96 GmbH & Co. KGaA” – the professional team of 96, which is still owned by the 96 investor group around Martin Kind. But then the kid would have nothing left to say in the game business. So if Kind lost, he would go to the next instance Nevertheless, it is very likely that the DFL will intensively review the right to issue instructions to the “Reds” before the new season.

Who owns what at Hannover 96?

The complex corporate structures at Hannover 96 are unique in Germany. Behind Hannover 96 are several companies that have divided the club like a cake according to different functions. Above all, it involves a complex power system, which was also reflected in years of legal disputes over the 50+1 rule.

The logo of the club Hannover 96 can be seen in the stadium. (Source: Peter Steffen/dpa/archive image/dpa-images)

Hannover 96 consists of five companies with different functions. These are the parent club “Hannoverscher Sportverein von 1896 eV.”, the professional company “Hannover 96 GmbH & Co. KGaA”, “Hannover 96 Management GmbH”, “Hannover 96 Sales & Service GmbH & Co. KG” and the “Hannover 96 Arena GmbH & Co. KG”. Read here how the 96 cake is divided in total.

When will the trial of 96 children start in court?

It begins in the Child vs. Hanover 96 Management GmbH at 11:30 am. before the Seventh Chamber of Commerce. An appointment is scheduled for the oral hearing of the case in Hall 127 of the Hanover District Court. Spectators are allowed.

When can a ruling be expected?

Hard to say. Negotiations in the main proceedings usually take place over several dates and may also extend over months. Theoretically, however, it is also possible that a ruling will be made on Tuesday. But that is considered unlikely.

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