Bosch fully automatic coffee machine at Lidl for half the price

The integrated ceramic grinder impresses with its long life and extracts the maximum aroma from every coffee bean. You can adjust the grinding degree in several steps as desired. For cappuccino and latte macchiato, simply pour milk into the cup and thanks to MilkMagic Pro you can do the rest at the push of a button.

The coffee spout and milk frother are height-adjustable, so you can easily fill each jug with your favorite specialty. For example, you can also use tall latte macchiato glasses with the coffee machine.

In addition, cleaning is no problem thanks to the removable brew group and the removable, dishwasher-safe milk container. The automatic cleaning and descaling program also makes it easy to keep the appliance clean.

Another plus in terms of hygiene: the fully automatic machine is suitable for the Brita water filter Intenza, which reduces the lime content of the water and substances that affect the smell and taste: this ensures an even better taste.

That’s why the fully automatic machine is a good choice these days

The fully automatic coffee machine from Bosch scores with its high-quality equipment and simple operation. The price-quality ratio is also right at the moment: the model is rarely as cheap as it is now. Compared to the suggested retail price, you save almost half at Lidl. In addition, you currently pay at least 70 euros more in other stores – a real bargain!

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