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“Sexy” accusation against teammates |

BVB statement from Hummels!

Borussia Dortmund only plays 1:1 (1:1) against FC Sevilla and misses the early jump in the Champions League round of 16!

Six days after the convincing 4-1 victory over the Andalusians in the first leg, BVB is vulnerable this time, slow in the attacking game and can thank goalkeeper Gregor Kobel (24) for not even losing the match.

Captain Mats Hummels (33) was disappointed after the game and clearly criticized his teammates!

On “Amazon Prime,” the veteran was visibly dissatisfied with the performance shown. “It was not a good game for us. After the break we lost at least 20 balls and we left the game completely open. Completely unnecessary against an insecure team. Because we simply lose possession unnecessarily – let’s say it carefully”, criticized Hummels.

Why is that? “Playing intelligence. We lost a lot of balls. We always played in tight spaces instead of making them run. Football is actually a very simple game and we always make it complicated ourselves.”

And further: “Some people just have to get it out of their heads that football has to be sexy. But that successful football is not a heel-tip-one-two-three at five meters. I think René Maric (former BVB assistant coach ) put it this way: a player always does the right thing and sometimes not just the special thing. Instead, he always finds the right solutions and keeps the overview, even when things eventually get turbulent.”

Emotional as a player The “VUL-Kahn” is back

Source: BILD, Twitter, SKY, BVB Netradio


After the draw at the last minute against FC Bayern, coach Edin Terzic’s team suffered a setback.

Jude Bellingham (19) prevented a possible defeat with his fourth Champions League goal this season. Meanwhile, the youngster was visibly dissatisfied with the performance of his teammates and made wild gestures on the pitch.

But Hummels also had a clear opinion about this: “If someone plays every second and invests so much, then he can complain. I’d rather have someone like him who complains five times than someone who doesn’t say anything at all.”

And further: “Jude always wants to win. In training, in every game. He invests a lot. I think we all love this boy. That at the age of 19 he sometimes has to channel certain energies that I would still like to have is completely normal. But seriously, if someone – who has played every minute this season – is trying to win every minute, invest for the team, he can complain. Then he can sometimes make wrong decisions. It does not matter.”

So the criticism should NOT have hit England’s jewel, which is becoming more and more valuable, not just because of his goal for Dortmund. Hummels did not mention specific names in his criticism.

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