Blink security camera in a set with free doorbell

The camera delivers images in HD resolution. It has a field of view of 110 degrees and thus a large surveillance area. Features such as infrared night vision, motion detection and two-way audio come in handy on a daily basis.

Controlling the camera is simple and can also be done via an app or Amazon Alexa. The Blink app notifies you directly on your smartphone when the WiFi camera detects movement. However, if recordings are to be stored in the cloud, an additional paid subscription is required.

A big advantage of the device is that it does not require a power cable and installation is a piece of cake. So you can easily use the camera wherever you want. The two included AA batteries last for two years.

The set contains the Video Doorbell 2. Thanks to the camera, the doorbell sends the image from the front door to the smartphone or an Alexa speaker. Thanks to the infrared sensor, you can also see who is at the door at night. You can also use your cell phone to answer a ringtone.

That’s why the set is a good choice

The Blink security camera impresses with its wide range of functions, flexible application options and easy installation. For around 56 euros, the Blink outdoor security camera is already a real bargain at Amazon today.

The set currently includes the video doorbell for free as a promotion. In this way you can also extend the security directly at the front door. Both devices together cost about 100 euros. You are currently saving 50 percent. Get it now and secure your home and garden!

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This is how we find the top deals

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