“Before we torment ourselves any more”: Bauer surprisingly sends the lady-in-waiting home

Updated on 11/14/2022 10:22 PM

  • Oops! That was certainly not how farmer Maik had imagined his farmer’s week.
  • In the current episode of “Bauer sucht Frau” (RTL), the shy farmer clashes with his lady-in-waiting Cathrin while cooking – with far-reaching consequences.
  • Elsewhere, Armor has done a great job.

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Nordlicht Maik has never had a girlfriend. That is why he dared to take the step to “Bauer sucht Frau” (RTL). The 30-year-old was initially enthusiastic about Lady-in-waiting Cathrin. “She really has a great appearance,” said the farmer enthusiastically. And the product manager also seemed impressed with Maik’s shy nature.

But that changes when the two make pizza together. A first for Maik, who is usually still cooked by his mother, who lives on the farm. The farmer is already having a hard time cutting the peppers, which Cathrin does not miss: “He has his mother who takes care of him, but I find it difficult to have a partner by my side who is not independent at all”, she says thoughtfully.

“Farmer Wants Woman”: Cathrin goes cold with Maik’s rejection

When they cook together, the lady-in-waiting finds him too dependent. It lacks romance.


During a trip to the North Sea, Cathrin wants to talk to Maik about her doubts. “You’re a kind-hearted person, but I find myself keeping my distance because I’m not sure we’re right,” she explains to the farmer. She asks Maik to come out more: “I wish you showed me very clearly that it’s not just about working on the farm. There’s a lot more to a partnership.”

But instead of promising improvement, Maik, for his part, tells the lady-in-waiting: “I would like us to understand each other on an equal footing and treat each other lovingly,” he says. “I also miss the romance,” he adds. Cathrin clearly did not expect this turn of events, but the farmer is not done yet: “I like you, but I can’t say it’s love right now. Before we torment ourselves further, I would like to say that we have the Hofwoche here finish it now,” he lets the cat out of the bag.

Cathrin’s expression shows she was taken aback by this decision. “I’m sad, but you can’t force it,” she says.

Happy ending in Lower Saxony: “… but then came Arne”

Amen cow owner Jörg
Amen cow owner Jörg wishes a future together with Patricia.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

But Cupid has done great on other farms: young farmer Max and his Anna are still happy together, just like horse fans Ulf and Anna Lina. And with cheese farmer Arne and his Antje, the signs already point to living together.

The two are over the moon and look forward to their future together. “I used to think: ‘What is the meaning of life?’, but then Arne came along,” says the beautician enthusiastically. She feels so at home on the farm in Lower Saxony that she not only wants to move there, but also wants to work in her farmhouse cheese dairy.

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Patricia doesn’t want to give up her job just yet

Cheese and dairy farmer Arne
At cheese and milkman Arne and his Antje, the signs point to living together.

© RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Patricia, on the other hand, makes a different decision. Although she misses her farmer Jörg very much, she does not want to take the risk alone and immediately give up her permanent job as an administrative clerk for the city by moving to Jörg’s farm.

She wants to stay in Duisburg for another four years so that she does not suffer any professional disadvantages. The farmer has to swallow hard when he hears about this decision at a picnic in Patricia’s hometown of Duisburg. But the farmer also understands: “I can see that”, says the 48-year-old resigned to fate. Don’t worry about his Patricia: “I’ll wait for you,” he says.

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The “Bauer sucht Frau” couple Denise Munding and Nils Dwortzak became parents for the first time. The two announced this on Instagram.

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