Basler cashed in, Sindermann didn’t even get a third of it

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From: Julia Hanigk


Shortly before the final of “Summer House of the Stars” aired Sunday night (October 9), the rates became public. Eric Sindermann and Katha are the losers. Mario Basler and Doris Büld received a total of 75,000 euros.

Bocholt – The “Summer House of the Stars” 2022 enters the final, the winning couple has long been determined. Antonia Hemmer and Patrick Romer started the race as favorites and were probably the best known among many spectators. has now revealed the secret fees of the stars – so it was not the “Bauer sucht Frau” couple that got the most money, but Mario Basler and Doris Büld.

‘Summer House of the Stars’ costs revealed: 25,000 for most couples

In “Summer House of the Stars” there should normally be an amount of 25,000 euros for each pair of participants, or 12,500 euros per person. Patrick Romer and Antonia Hemmer, Diogo Sangre (27) and Vanessa Mariposa (29), Cosimo Citolo (40) and girlfriend Nathalie Gaus (31) and also influencer Marcel Dähne (28) with girlfriend Lisa-Marie Weinberger (24).

The compensation of the participants of the “summer house” was leaked. © Screenshots Sommerhaus der Stars/RTL/RTL+

Other stars then cost RTL more: Kader Loth (49) and her husband Ismet Atli (51) received 30,000 euros, as did Marco Cerullo (33) and his girlfriend Christina Graß (33). Sascha Mölders (37) and his wife Ivonne (42) would have gotten even better, with 40,000 euros.

Mario Basler and Doris Büld received 75,000 euros – Eric Sindermann and Katha only 23,000

It may come as a surprise to many that the much criticized Dürrs, Stephen (48) and Katharina (39) managed to negotiate a total of 50,000 euros with the broadcaster for their participation in the ‘summer home’. The leaders are Mario Basler (53) and his girlfriend Doris Büld: According to, the two received 75,000 euros.

This list should give you big eyes: Eric Sindermann (34). The ex-handball star and girlfriend Katharina Hambuechen, who broke up live in front of the camera on the show, received less than a third of these earnings as a couple with 23,000 euros. Even worse: since Sindermann and Hambuechen broke up, the 34-year-old is left with only 11,500 euros if divided equally…

The ‘Summerhouse of the Stars’ curse strikes – these couples break up after the show:

Season 1: Angelina Heger and Rocco Stark, Xenia Princess of Saxony and Rajab Hassan, Chris Töpperwien and Magey Kalley

Season 2: Helena Fürst and Ennesto Monté, Nico Schwartz and Saskia Atzerodt, Martin Semmelrogge and Sonja Semmelrogge (†), Aurelio Savina and Lisa Freidinger

Season 3: Bert Wollersheim and Bobby Anne Baker, Micaela Schäfer and Felix Steiner, Patricia Blanco and Nico Gollnick, Shawne Fielding and Patrick Schöpf

Season 4: Benjamin Boyce and Kate Merlan, Willi Herren (†) and Jasmin Herren, Johannes Haller and Yeliz Koc, Elena Miras and Mike Heiter

Season 5: Georgina Fleur and Kubilay Özdemir, Jennifer Lange and Andrej Mangold, Eva Benetatou and Chris Broy

Season 6: Michelle Monballijn and Mike Cees-Monballijn (now dating again)

Season 7: Eric Sindermann and Katharina Hambuechen, Vanessa Mariposa and Diogo Sangre

Eric Sindermann, however, does not seem to have had any money problems for a long time. The resident of “Summer House of the Stars” showed off a luxury SUV from Mercedes after the reunion. Used sources:

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