Based in the Netherlands: Zerode starts European distribution

The New Zealand bicycle boutique Zerode Bikes is now starting its own sales in Europe. All information about this can be found here.

Hugo Wals, Head of European Sales at Zerode Bikes, based in Heerlen, The Netherlands, expects the European market to continue to grow. In competition with the existing brands, they mainly want to survive thanks to the use of manual gearboxes as a unique selling point. They currently offer two models of trail and enduro bikes (Zerode Katipo test), all of which rely on a Pinion gearbox combined with a carbon frame. The brand gained international fame with the Zerode G1 and G2 downhill bikes, which already then relied on a Shimano Alfine hub housed in the frame and were able to achieve some success in downhill racing. More background information can be found in our home visit at Zerode 2015.

We know breaking through in Europe is a challenge but we are here for the long haul and given the success of strong sales and thousands of satisfied riders elsewhere in the world we know European riders are seeing the clear benefits of the lower unsprung masses, the increased durability and significantly lower maintenance and repair costs, leading to significantly lower life cycle costs.

Hugo Wals, Head of European Sales Zeorde

With the distribution in the Netherlands, Zerode wants to deliver the bikes directly to consumers in Europe without delay in shipping and additional taxes. “We will be able to fulfill orders in the shortest possible time and provide great customer support in the same time zone,” adds Wals. “Our whole philosophy is that a bike should last much longer than a few years before you switch bikes. The same goes for the way we look at customer service before and after buying a Zerode bike. They can count on us being there for them.”


The European connection with Zerode Bikes started in 2012 when Zerode teamed up with German gear manufacturer Pinion to integrate the technology into their bikes. Developed at Porsche’s development center in Weissach, Pinion’s C-Line transmissions have been Zerode’s transmission of choice for many years. In addition, Zerode has also removed the chain from the drivetrain and integrated Gates Carbon Drive belts. “Our bikes feel at home in the toughest terrain, so the reliability of the proven technology is extremely important to us,” says Wals.


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