Bamberg: After the first price shock for public utility customers

  • Stadtwerke Bamberg: Customers receive letters with huge price increases
  • Is becoming “actually lower excel”: Electricity and gas price brake not yet included
  • City works with example calculation: So expensive will the Energy costs real from January 1, 2023
  • “Not so easy”: billing systems must Completely changed shall

A lot Customers of Stadtwerke Bamberg must have swallowed the last few days when they opened their mail. Because the municipal provider is over it new electricity, gas and water prices from 1 January 2023 informed. The new discounts fall significantly higher out than before. But what about her Electricity and gas price brake from the federal government? This is reported by the spokesperson for Stadtwerke Bamberg, Jan Giersberg at

Stadtwerke Bamberg: “Enormous increase, the will actually be less”

“In the first concern costs the Kilowatt hours of electricity for households in Bamberg future 59.86 Cent. In addition, there is an annual basic price of 122.80 euros,” explains Giersberg. Compared to current prices, this is an increase of 48 percent. “A model household with an annual consumption of 2,500 kilowatt hours of green electricity would then cost no more than 90 euros. per month pay, but 135 euros”said the spokesperson. That would be a huge increase but will actually be lowerbecause the federal government is planning to put a brake on the electricity price,” he emphasizes.

The background is that “since last year the The price of electricity on international markets has multiplied has”. Even the regulated ones Grid costs and government levies on electricity rose around the turn of the year, Giersberg continued. But: “If the planned price cap comes from the federal government, all customers will be able to meet most of their needs Pay only 40 cents for electricityat the Petrol only 12 cents. The bottom line is that there will no longer be any significant price differences between the providers.”

But why were the customers first informed about the new costs without the political measures? “The Electricity price brake can we in ours do not take official prices into accountn, because at the moment it only concerns commitments from the federal government,” says Giersberg. “The law on the brake on the electricity price is also not expected to be adopted until mid-December.” our customers charging only a maximum of 40 cents per kilowatt-hour for 80 percent of the previous year’s electricity consumption, he explains. The federal government pays the difference from the actual price.

Water, electricity, gas: Stadtwerke Bamberg with example calculation – these are the additional costs for energy in the model household

With the power price brake, “for one Triple household monthly electricity costs 135 euros to 101 euros”., according to the example calculation of the public utility company. “The model household then pays per month only 11 euros more than before“says Giersberg. On January 1, gas and water prices will also go up at Bamberg’s public utility. “With the gas price brake planned by the federal government, a model household will also pay annual gas consumption an average of 210.76 euros per year will come from 18,000 kilowatt hours in the coming year 46 euros more than at the beginning of this yearsaid the spokesman.

At the water the price increases by 36 cents per cubic meter. This is a factor for an average household with an annual water consumption of 175 cubic meters 5.25 euros per month books. “The background is the huge investments we have made in recent years in water production and our pipeline network. Last but not least our upstream supplier, the Long-distance water supply Upper Franconia, prices rose“, says Giersberg. All in all, the “classic household model” slows down after inclusive of the price every month Additional costs around 78 euros expected, according to the forecast of Stadtwerke Bamberg.

According to plans announced in government circles on Tuesday (November 22, 2022), price brakes must be applied only valid from March retroactively then have to pay the contributions counted for January and February shall. Both regulations will apply until the end of April 2024. A cabinet decision is expected soon. The corresponding law must then be passed by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, which is scheduled for mid-December. “In this time it should be possible to convert complex billing systems individually for customers. At the moment we are still a bit in the dark about the future implementation,” says Stadtwerke spokesperson Giersberg.

“December emergency aid”: This is how customers of Stadtwerke Bamberg should act now

in the coming December would Stadtwerke Bamberg tell its customers because of the “Emergency Aid” the federal government no deduction for gas and district heating deduct from the account. The allowance is automatic, customers do not have to apply for an exemption from the municipal utility company. The basis for the amount is “der Annual consumption forecast in September 2022“said the Stadtwerke in a statement. “Of this amount 1/12 multiplied by the price per kilowatt hour of gas valid in December. 1/12 of the basic price valid in December will be added”, it says.

This is the case for an average household with an annual gas consumption of 18,000 kilowatt hours One-time help around 220 euros. the “Emergency Aid” may “deviate from the actual amount of the monthly advance amount and will be paid by Stadtwerke Bamberg on the next Financial statements clearly statedAccording to the supplier. When it comes to heat, the annual consumption is not important. “According to the legal provisions, the amount paid to the utility in September 2022 is taken into account here, alternatively the monthly invoice amount.” It continues.

who are Withholding by bank transfer do not have to transfer anything for gas and district heating in December. All electricity and water payments are due as usual. “Anyone who is bank a An ongoing task may suspend or change it. Who are standing order continue unchanged late, this payment will be made in the next billed annually“, so the Stadtwerke Bamberg. to who Rent live, get the Deduction from the 2022 energy bill of the landlord credited.

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