Baby name and food at the same time: “Edible” first names are trendy

Updated on 10/10/2022 2:01 PM

  • Many parents want a beautiful name for their offspring.
  • Why not name your child after their favorite food?
  • There are many tasty names that are suitable for both boys and girls.

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Naming babies after food is a trend. At least that’s what first name expert, YouTuber and podcaster SJ Strum says. She explains to the British newspaper “Metro”: “One of the biggest global trends of the past two years has been the plant-based diet.” She also sees a lifestyle trend “towards nature and simple living”. Cooking together has become popular during the lockdowns, and couples in particular have discovered a common passion in it. “Baby names follow cultural change, so we’ve seen names like Sage, Rye and Juniper storm the charts,” continues SJ Strum.

When choosing a name, make sure you “really like” the first name, she warns. “The goal is to be playful, unique and personal,” explains the expert. However, one should take into account that the child will carry the name for the rest of his life.

Whether herbs, fruits or other foods, there is a large selection of tasteful girls’ first names, but only a few for boys. We’ve also picked out some unisex names inspired by food.

nice names for girls

Amanda/Amandine – The first name comes from Latin and means “amiable”. Amanda is very popular in English speaking countries, but rarely in Germany. An even rarer variant is Amandine. This is also the name given to a Romanian chocolate cake or dishes prepared with almonds (French “amande” = almond). You can find more rare first names for girls here.

Apple – Have so Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their daughter, who was born in 2004. If you like apples, you may also like the first name.

Brie – The Irish name is derived from “bryn” (Celtic for “hill”) and means something like “noble” or “the noble”. But also a French soft cheese bears this name. The name was announced by actress Brie Larson, among others.

canelle – The French given name means “cinnamon”.

Cherry – The English first name is translated as “cherry” but also as “darling”.

clementine – The first name is derived from the Latin “clemens”, which means “mild, graceful, gentle”. The citrus plant, a cross between the mandarin and the orange, bears the same name.

Coco to Peaches: Some Celebrities Have “Edible” First Names

cocoa – The first name was made famous by the well-known fashion designer Coco Chanel. It reminds me of the coconut.

harissa – If you like North African food, you might be happy with this first name. Because Harissa is not only a feminine first name, but also a hot spice paste from the Maghreb.

hazel – Nut lovers will get their money’s worth here: Hazel is an English name and means “hazelnut”.

sweetheart – Honey is usually a pet name in English, but can also be given as a feminine first name. In German, the word means “honey”.

jasmine – Translated, the name means “the flower” and “the innocent”. Jasmine has a Persian origin and descends from the plant of the same name.

madeleine – The French first name comes from Hebrew and means “the sublime”. Madeleines are also known as pastries.

Maple – The English given name means “maple” and is especially popular in the sweet variety: maple syrup.

Olivia/Olive – The name Olivia comes from the olive. The name olive is common in English and French.

peaches – The name was made famous by the daughter of musician Bob Geldof. He gave her the sonorous name Peaches Honeyblossom. The English term means “peaches”.

Pepper – The English given name simply means “pepper”. So if you like spicy and spicy, this feminine given name is a good choice. The first name could also inspire Marvel fans: Tony Stark’s secretary and partner, aka Iron Man, is called Pepper Potts.

The German Language Association evaluates the most popular first names for newborns every year. The data comes from more than 700 registration offices. Here are the top ten first names for girls and boys.

Nice first names for boys

basil – The English given name of Greek origin means “the royal”, in Arabic also “the brave” or “the brave”. The English word “basil” means “basil”.

kobe – The name means ‘turtle’ in Swahili and is best known for the late basketball player Kobe Bryant. The inspiration for his first name is said to have been a Japanese steakhouse – the meat of the Kobe beef is also known.

rye – Perfect for grain lovers: the English boy’s name means “rye”.

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Gender Neutral Names – Goodies for Boys and Girls

chai – The name, originating from Thailand, has the simple and beautiful meaning “life”. The herbal tea of ​​the same name from Asia is also known.

juniper berry – Attention all fans of gin and co: Juniper means “juniper” and is suitable for both girls and boys.

nor me – The name can be used for both girls and boys. It originates from Japan and refers to the edible seaweed of the same name, which is sold as a paper-like leaf and is used in sushi, among other things.

legend – The English given name means both “wise person” and “wise”.
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What did parents in Germany prefer to name their children in 2021? These names were given most often. (Image credits: photo alliance/dpa/Vivantes Klinikum)

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