Aurora Ramazzotti: She takes her baby ball for a walk in heeled ankle boots

Aurora Ramazzotti
She takes her baby ball for a walk in heeled ankle boots

Aurora Ramazzotti

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The celebrity looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Aurora Ramazzotti is heavily pregnant – but not (yet) without heels +++ Susanne Steiger appears in a special body +++ Miyabi Kawai proves: she can be both sexy and functional + + + Sarah Connor ushers in the Christmas season in a red sequin dress.

Exciting celebrity looks in the GALA ticker:

November 24, 2022

Aurora Ramazzotti’s maternity outfit? Casual at the top, stylish at the bottom

Although the clothes of Aurora Ramazzotti, 25, are getting bigger and more comfortable from month to month, the fashionista is still visible in the accessories and shoes. The daughter of 45-year-old Michelle Hunziker wears a layered look consisting of a white blouse, bright green sweater and patterned cardigan, stylish sunglasses and shoes that make us forget for a moment that Aurora is heavily pregnant. The black ankle boots not only impress with their pointed shape, but also with their heel.

Aurora Ramazzotti walks through Milan with a baby ball.

Aurora Ramazzotti walks through Milan with a baby ball.

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November 23, 2022

“Bares for Rares”: Susanne Steiger is so sexy

Susanne Steiger, 40, became known through the TV show “Bares for Rares”. The shopkeeper is always looking for special jewelery in front of and behind the camera and knows how to present it. On Instagram, she now shows herself with a special necklace and an exciting look, heralding the “glamorous time”, as she writes on the platform.

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For the beautiful photos, the jeweler opts for a black body that allows a deep look and is slightly transparent. She wears an elegant blazer over it. With this style, her sparkling necklace becomes almost irrelevant, even though it contains an amazing number of stones. The entrepreneur writes under the photo “1,684 brilliants together form an incredible fireworks of 121.88 ct”. You can already guess the value of the beautiful piece and yet the only thing that catches the eye is the dealer.

November 22, 2022

Swimsuit vs. Winter Coat: Miyabi Kawai looks great in both

Miyabi Kawai, 48, takes to Instagram in mid-November in a super skintight swimsuit, leaving her fans gasping – and discussing. The designer is not exactly on vacation, as the photo suggests, but posts a throwback photo with a message. Because the 48-year-old stormed into her Instagram story before winter and received a lot of messages for it. In a comparison photo, which shows her once in a sexy bathing suit and once in a thick winter coat, she now makes it clear: “I can do both”. [deutsch: Ich kann beides]. Although winter is not her favorite season, she still enjoys the cozy time and finds her way in both seasons fashion-wise. In the further text, however, she makes it clear: “I am and will always be a summer child, I would rather sweat than freeze, I would rather wear a bikini than a down jacket and I need LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!!!”

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Miyabi not only thinks she looks better in a bathing suit, her fans also like the summer look better. One user writes, “You look beautiful in the swimsuit. I can understand that you are a summer child.” Another just says, “Sexyyy”.

November 21, 2022

Sarah Connor in sexy red sequin mini dress

It’s only a few weeks until Christmas, but with her new song “Not so silent Night” 42-year-old Sarah Connor exudes the first Christmas spirit. But they are – as the name of the song suggests – not contemplative at all. On the contrary, they rock, wild and quite sexy. In the video for the song, Sarah Connor presents a family Christmas Day, and things go haywire.

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The singer stands out in a red mini dress with sequins and accentuated shoulders. Sarah presents her sexy Santa look! The dress is ultra short and has a plunging neckline, looks quite festive, but not at all “silent” or even “holy”, as the Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” says.

Sarah in hot Santa style

Sarah in hot Santa style

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The singer’s fans love this “restless” night. They give the corresponding Instagram post thousands of likes and express their enthusiasm in the comment column.

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