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At least since the 2006 World Cup, the public watching at the World Cup belongs to Germany, like the Main to Frankfurt. This year, the city has deliberately refrained from watching the event. What is it like elsewhere in Hesse?

Fabian Weidenhausen

Even after 16 years, the 2006 World Cup is still anchored in the collective memory of many football fans as the great moment to watch football together in public. The world that friends visit, a country in a frenzy of joy and floating screens on the Main: the city of Frankfurt in particular is remembered as the home of the Hessian public.

There will be no repeat this year. And that is not only due to the less spectator-friendly season in which the World Cup in Qatar, which starts at the end of November, will be held. On the contrary, widespread human rights concerns related to the host country are causing local viewers to be on the lookout this year. Sports department head Mike Josef (SPD) said on HR’s request: “The city of Frankfurt is not planning a public viewing.” She fits that Pariswhich was the first major European city to exclude public viewing events.

There is no football in the stadium or on the Main

There is no doubt that the award of the World Cup to Qatar was wrong, Josef said: “We call for respect for human rights.” All those responsible are called upon to do their part to improve human rights in Qatar as much as possible. In the case of the city of Frankfurt, this means concretely: no public football festival in the city area.

In the past, larger public events that were not organized by the city took place in Frankfurt’s Waldstadion. There will be no such thing at the 2022 World Cup; even though this is not causally related to the situation in Qatar, where, according to independent studies, thousands of guest workers are working on construction sites for the World Cup died to be. Due to the extension of the northwest curve, the Bundesliga winter break will be used for construction work at the stadium, stadium manager Patrik Meyer explained when asked.

German fans at the public viewing of the Commerzbank Arena

Are Hesse’s cities planning the public viewing for the World Cup?

Also in other major cities, football fans will probably watch the Winter World Cup mainly in pubs or in their own four walls. That’s what it said kassel: “The city itself does not intend to actively organize a public viewing.” A spokeswoman for Fulda announced that no public viewing events had been organized by the city in the past and no other plans were known. There were also similar tones Darmstadt and Giessen.

The cities Wiesbaden and Marburg have not yet discussed the subject of public viewing in detail, according to spokespersons.

Amnesty complains about inhumane conditions

This year’s World Championships will begin on November 20 and end on December 18 with the final in Lusail. The human rights organization Amnesty International repeatedly complained about inhumane conditions during the construction of the 80,000-seat stadium. According to a report by guards The construction site there is said to have used “state-backed slaves” from North Korea.

Since the announcement in 2008, the world football association Fifa has been criticized worldwide for awarding the World Cup to Qatar. The accusation that another major sporting event was sold to the highest bidder despite the greatest human rights concerns persists to this day. Incidentally, the World Cup in Qatar is the first in football history to take place in the winter. In the summer, it’s just too hot to play soccer in the desert state.

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