Attack on military barrier: Israeli soldier shot dead

Status: 09.10.2022 11:36 am

The situation in the occupied West Bank has been tense for months. During this period, about 100 Palestinians were killed at the hands of Israelis. Now a Palestinian shot and killed an Israeli soldier. Special forces are looking for him.

A Palestinian has shot and killed an Israeli soldier at a military roadblock in East Jerusalem. According to the Israeli authorities, a guard and two members of the border police were injured.

The attacker got out of a car and opened fire. He then ran to the nearby Shuafat refugee camp.

Assassination attempt before the Feast of Tabernacles begins

The police searched for the gunman with special forces and a helicopter. At least three suspects have been arrested in connection with the attack. The search for the Palestinian suspect, a 22-year-old from the Arab-influenced eastern part of Jerusalem, continued, according to police.

The attack came just hours before the start of the Jewish Feast of Tabernacles, for which tens of thousands of believers are expected in Jerusalem.

Many Palestinian dead

The situation in the occupied West Bank has been tense for months. Hours before the soldier was killed, Israeli soldiers shot and killed two Palestinian youths in a firefight during a raid on the West Bank. Eleven people were injured, officials said. The Israeli army said it had arrested a 25-year-old Islamic Jihad member.

The day before, Israeli soldiers had killed two other Palestinian youths, aged 14 and 17, in clashes in the West Bank.

Terror wave in the spring

Since a series of Palestinian attacks on Israelis in the spring that killed 19, there have been almost daily raids by Israeli security forces in the West Bank. Since then, more than 100 Palestinians have been killed.

Human rights groups have accused Israeli forces of using excessive force when dealing with Palestinians without being held accountable. The Israeli army says fire is only opened in life-threatening situations.

At the same time, Palestinian attacks on Israelis in the West Bank continued to escalate.

Israeli soldier shot dead in East Jerusalem

Tim Aßmann, ARD Tel Aviv, October 9, 2022 11:58 AM

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