Anna-Maria Ferchichi & Bushido in Dubai: “Nothing like this has ever happened to us”

In August, rapper Bushido (44) and his wife Anna-Maria (40) moved to Dubai with their seven children. But the house they initially wanted to move into was too small. So the couple had to act quickly and moved to another villa that offers enough space but is very far from the children’s school.

For this reason, Sarah Connor’s sister (42) continued to look for homes that would better suit the needs of the family. And her dream house was not long in coming: a property surrounded by greenery with six bedrooms, six bathrooms and a large garden! The move is scheduled for November.

In any case, Bushido and Anna-Maria can already be happy with the future landlords. Because in her current story, the rapper’s wife says enthusiastically: “We arrived at our new landlords and there were bicycles for everyone. They invited us for a bike ride to show us the area. That alone was mega, but as a surprise there was a picnic by the water.” Still stunned by these gestures, Anna-Maria continues, “How cute is that, please? We were completely knocked out. We’ve never had anything like this happen to us before.”

Anna-Maria and Bushido can finally receive their dog

There was reason to rejoice the day before, when St. Bernard “Pudding” finally arrived in Dubai after many weeks. The huge four-legged friend would move into his new home after just a few hours – according to Anna-Maria, the dog follows her “at every turn”.

It was her husband who courageously received the dog at 4 a.m. Meanwhile, the influencer could happily slumber on. Anna-Maria admitted to her fans that she just couldn’t get up right now.

However, the dog should not be the only surprise that day. The next followed in the early morning: the delivery of their two cars from Berlin.

The reason for the move of the Ferchichis is the case against Bushido’s former business colleague and friend Arafat Abou-Chaker (46). For several months, the artist, his wife and their seven children have been under police protection, the danger to him and his family, which would emanate from the Abou Chakar clan, is too great.

In the video below you can catch a glimpse of Ferchichis mansion in Dubai.

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