Alphonso Davies has to go to hospital after Bellingham kick: Julian Nagelsmann demands resignation

In the battle for a high ball, Bellingham hit the Bayern left-back with his toe in the face. An annoying but unfortunate scene when Davies came from behind and Bellingham clearly didn’t see the Canadian.

For “Sky” expert Lothar Matthäus, it was still a cautionary entry. Since Bellingham saw a yellow card early in the game, this would have meant a yellow-red and therefore a dismissal.

“Even if he doesn’t see Davies, the leg is way too high and there’s no place there. That’s a yellow card and therefore a yellow card for Bellingham,” said Matthäus. Referee Deniz Aytekin (Oberasbach) interpreted the scene differently and allowed the game to continue. Josip Stanisic came in for Davies early in the second half.


Bellingham kick to Davies: Aytekin offers strange justification


After the 2:2 Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann also commented on Davies. Four months ago, at a referee training session, he was told that such a violation would result in a red card under the new interpretation of the rules.

Nagelsmann demands red – Aytekin can understand

“If you hit a player with a high foot in the face, it’s straight red. He hits him full in the face – that’s red! And if it doesn’t, it’s definitely yellow. He just kicks him hard in the face face,” he said. Nagelsmann and told his injured Canadian, “There is a suspicion of a concussion – but that’s not surprising if you get a kick in the face.”

Aytekin was surprisingly honest about “Sky” and provided insight into his thoughts. “That’s how you see it,” said the referee: “I can understand anyone who sees it differently. That’s football.”

However, he justified his leniency by saying that he had previously given Bellingham a rather strict yellow card (11th).

Aytekin explains himself

“The first yellow card was in a hectic phase, he was given a can-yellow, not a mandatory one,” explained the Franks: “And because the player (Davies, editor’s note) came in from behind and put my head down, I lacked the ultimate conviction to give yellow-red here and finally decide such a match.”

A statement that Matthew, on the other hand, could not understand. “I don’t understand the statement. A yellow card is a yellow card,” said the “Sky” expert.

Bellingham, who apologized to Davies immediately after the kick, said after the game that he wanted to get the victim’s phone number and message him. “Of course I never want to hurt anyone,” said the England international.

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