“All that counts”: new role in TV show

November 15: Farewell to Yannick?

That has just become known Finnish-Actor Christopher Kohn “All that matters” is over. On November 25, the popular serial doctor can be seen for the last time in the successful RTL Daily. But now there are rumors that fans may soon have to say goodbye to a star of the series again – from Yannick-Actor Dominik Flade. The reason for the speculation? The actor apparently has a new TV job! In his Instagram story, the AWZ star shared that he as Tobias Berger stands in front of the camera for the humorous ARD crime series “Rentnercops”. It is not yet known how long he has been part of the series, which has been in production since 2015, and whether it will get a main role. The fact is, according to “TV Movie,” Dominik Flade still appeared on Instagram with his series colleagues Ania Niedieck and Kaja Schmidt-Tychsen in early November, which at least suggests that Yannick sticks with the “Everything that counts.” fans for a while.

November 14: Departure of Cheyenne Pahde now official?

To this day, fans of “Everything that counts” are waiting for an answer to this question: Will return to Cheyenne Pahde in her role as Marie back or not? More than a year ago, the twin sister of GZSZ-Beauty Valentina Pahde said goodbye to a sabbatical year, but that has already passed for a few weeks, but so far nothing is known about Cheyenne who is back in front of the camera for RTL -Daily – on the contrary: the actress from the series has long accepted other jobs. But that’s not all: Cheyenne Pahde also announced on Instagram some time ago that she had turned her back on her residence in Cologne and moved to Berlin – and now Cheyenne is going to another city again, but not back to Cologne, but to Munich. Another indication that doesn’t exactly sound like “Everything that counts” fans can look forward to seeing Marie Schmidt again…

Incidentally, a similar fate may threaten GZSZ fans, because RTL recently officially announced that Valentina Pahde will also take an “XXL break” in 2023. If and when will she return? Unclear!

You can read what happened in the AWZ fandom last week here.

You can also find the latest episodes of “Everything that counts” on RTL+ at any time.

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