After Patrick hits the net, her collar cracks

She’s had enough of Patrick bashing

Summer house star Antonia Hemmer shares online: “You are disgusting!”

Antonia Hemmer expresses the frustration of the soul on her Instagram channel.


Summer house candidate Antonia Hemmer

Summer house candidate Antonia Hemmer expresses her anger via Instagram.


summer house charisma opened Antonia’s eyes

Compare used cars and whine: The TV farmer really didn’t show his best side in the celebrity flatshare. “Patrick’s behavior at the summer house was unforgivable at times”, she writes in her statement on Instagram. But one thing really bothers the 22-year-old: that influencers and celebrities are using their reach to hate their farmers! “We love each other, we’re a happy couple and that doesn’t change an Insta story, comment or message from you two. We acknowledge our mistakes and work on our relationship privately.”she continues to write.

But the summer house certainly has something good for Antonia: “I also see a lot through the charisma that I can’t or shouldn’t tolerate anymore and no one in a relationship should do that – regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman.” Amen!


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Farmer Patrick doesn’t give up

Antonia: “I’m just a failure!”

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See “The Summer House of the Stars” on TV and in advance on RTL+

Whoever takes the title “DAS Promipaar 2022” and leaves “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” as the winner, will be shown on RTL – or already on RTL+ – on Sunday 9 October from 8:15 pm.

Incidentally, after the TV broadcast of the final, RTL will also show the great reunion of the summer house stars with Frauke Ludowig. So stay tuned! (ngu)

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