ADAC at fuel prices: Diesel cheaper than long time

Status: 11/14/2022 5:56 PM

The tank year 2022 is already the most expensive ever, even though prices are falling again. Diesel in particular became cheaper, but so did petrol. The reasons according to ADAC: less demand and more competition.

Diesel is cheaper than it has been for months. Over the weekend, fuel prices fell to their lowest level since August, according to the ADAC. If you exclude the effects of the summer tax on fuel, it is the lowest diesel price since May.

In concrete terms, a liter of diesel on Sunday costs 1,986 euros on a national daily average. A week ago it was 9.5 cents more, two weeks ago it was 13.2. Super petrol of the E10 type also became cheaper every week, albeit not nearly as much at 4.7 cents. On Sunday it cost an average of 1,868 euros per litre.

According to the ADAC, prices are still outrageous

“Prices are currently going in the right direction. Apparently the competition is getting a bit better,” says ADAC fuel market expert Jürgen Albrecht. But there is still a lot of room for improvement, he emphasizes. “Prices are still too high, especially for diesel.” He attributes the fact that prices are falling to several factors.

Falling demand pushes prices down

“In the case of gasoline, the traditionally lower demand in the fourth quarter should also be felt – that is good for competition,” says Albrecht. “In the case of diesel, additional demand from industry as a substitute for gas has recently driven up prices. There are indications that much of this demand has now been met, causing prices to fall again.”

The fact that fuel oil prices have recently fallen sharply, says the expert, is in line with this. On Monday, the Heizöl24 portal listed the average price for heating oil for 3,000 liters as 1,327 euros per liter. Here, too, it is the lowest level since May. On November 6, the value was still 1,467 euros.

“Beginning of Normalization”

Diesel and heating oil are very similar. Albrecht said how prices will continue depends on many factors such as temperatures and political developments. But he gives drivers some hope: “If nothing happens, thanks to the return of competition we can be at the beginning of normalization. But there is still a long way to go.”

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