A “very influential woman” gave Duchess Meghan advice before her marriage

Duchess Meghan (41) carefully selects the guests for her podcast ‘Archetypes’. Star guests such as ex-tennis player and 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams (41), singer Mariah Carey (52) and model and It-Girl Paris Hilton (41) were guests. Not only her famous interlocutors, but also some statements that Prince Harry’s wife (38) made in her podcast, made headlines in the past.

Now to follow up with the Duchess of Sussex: In episode nine of her Spotify podcast titled “The Audacity of the Activist,” Meghan mentions an ominous woman who gave her vital advice for her life.

Duchess Meghan received advice from an unknown confidant

Together with her two guests, the British TV presenter Jameela Jamil (36) and the American-Iranian X-Men actress Shohreh Aghdashloo (70), Meghan talks about activism and prejudice against strong women. She claims that activists are often dismissed by critics for “feeling small” and “silent”. And further: “I’m starting to notice this almost standard eye roll whenever someone mentions a woman fighting for a cause.” Critics often thought things like “There she is again” or “Why can’t she just sit down?”

However, the Duchess of Sussex has never stopped campaigning for women and girls, even after joining the British Royal Family. According to Meghan, the reason for her resilience is mainly due to the advice she received from a confidante shortly before her wedding. This “very, very influential woman” reportedly begged Meghan in May 2018 “not to give up her activism if she marries Prince Harry because it means so much to women and girls”. The Duchess did not name – citing “privacy”. Of course, there is immediate speculation about who Meghan’s influential confidante might be. Oprah Winfrey (68) or Serena Williams are mentioned, but also Michelle Obama (58), with whom Meghan has already had one or two conversations.

Duchess Meghan wishes her sister-in-law Princess Kate in her podcast

The Duchess has certainly planned her next episodes well. As for the future podcast guest list, the 41-year-old has a very special wish: she would love to record an episode with her sister-in-law, Princess Kate (40). Prince Harry’s wife already has one topic in mind: work-life balance. According to royal expert Neal Shawn, Meghan and Kate should have initially gotten closer when they met at Frogmore Cottage — but Princess Kate’s actual appearance as a star guest on the $30 million “Archetypes” podcast is now quite unlikely.

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