8 demos worth checking out at this weekend’s Steam Next Fest

This weekend, Steam brings you a curated collection of demos of upcoming video games. But even if that’s Steam Next Fest tries to focus on the innovations, but the really good video games are often lost in the flow of india. That’s why I’ve picked six really good demos from different genres that won’t waste your precious time. At the end of the video you’ll find two really good games that aren’t part of the Next Fest, but you should have on your screen anyway. Lots of fun!

Cassette animals

Sound like pocket monsters? But it plays more like a mix of open world Shin Megami Tensei and Stardew Valley. Yours will land on the mysterious island of New Wirral, which is home to a host of colorful monsters. With your old tape recorder you can catch them, train them and even merge them. In addition, you decorate your house the way you want, you slowly but surely make friends with the inhabitants of the island and you sing along to the cheerful music that quickly becomes catchy. But don’t let the sweet atmosphere fool you, as the island already has a few dark twists waiting for you in the demo.


You really can’t go wrong with a Soulslike when choosing your games and I’m sure there will be many at this Steam Fest as well. If you’re comfortable with the genre, then you shouldn’t miss Asterigos. It’s worth playing here simply because the full version is already available on October 11, 2022ie one day after the Steam promotion ends. You take on the role of young warrior Hilda in search of her missing father in a city built after ancient Rome. Many adversaries of antiquity are waiting for Hilda for her arduous journey.

Greek architecture, huge enemies and a young warrior who must find her father. Asterigos promises to be an interesting Soulslike.

Mato deviations

We’ve had Neo-Tokyo countless times, but what about Neo-Shanghai? The city of Mato, where Detective Doe has to find his way, is modeled on this. Steeped in neon lights and mysteries, the noir investigator explores the new metropolis and encounters a realm of shadows and the samurai Gram, who helps the detective stay alive. Mato Anomalies brings together many different combat elements, creating a very unique feel. Unfortunately, the movement of the characters through the city doesn’t convince me yet, as Doe feels weightless too often. You may see it differently, but the game is still worth checking out the demo.

flood zone

Dried up rivers, scorched earth, too much waste and no edible resources. The climate catastrophe is already a reality and only a handful of people have survived. With these requirements, you have to build a new world in the construction simulation. Will you make the same mistakes as the people who destroyed the earth or will you find another way? Polish studio Vile Monarchim Spiel asks this moral question time and again. And while the combination is often reminiscent of Frostpunk, Floodland seems like there are more options here that head in the direction of civilization. In any case, the demo got me really addicted and I’d love to have the full version now! One.. last.. round..

In Floodland, you have to be very careful about which areas you want to build on, because the natural disasters have not only ill-prepared people.

Tails: The Backbone Preludes

Backbone came out last year and told a crazy, sad and exciting story in the role of a private detective. And even though this melancholic protagonist was a humanoid raccoon, that never distracted me from the dense atmosphere and captivating story. Tails: The Backbone Preludes wants to preserve this atmosphere and world in a kind of anthology. The stories of four characters from the Backbone universe are collected here. The players of the first part know three, one is new and connects to the end of the predecessor. The demo is enriched with new gameplay, fits perfectly into the template and makes you long for more.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3″

Mega Man has a new guise called Azure Striker Gunvolt. At least that’s how I would describe the series if it was just about the gameplay. The third title introduces the series with a rather pleasantly difficult demo, but I wouldn’t trust it to stay that way at every level. In addition, an exciting dystopian story awaits you in this shooter with a beautiful pixel look, in which the humans have to defend themselves against a group of superhumans. The full version will be released on October 13, 2022therefore the allusion here is doubly worthwhile.

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