60 years 007 – he is by far the best Bond

Sean Connery is by far the most popular James Bond actor. (Source: civey/t-online)

And the result is clear: Sean Connery is the winner. At 49 percent, nearly half of those surveyed believe the actor who died in 2020 is the best James Bond actor. Connery was chosen as the favorite actor in particular by the older respondents. However, there are no striking differences in the gender analysis.

Above all, over 65s prefer movies with Sean Connery
Above all, people over 65 prefer the movies with Sean Connery. (Source: civey/t-online)
There are no significant differences between the sexes
There are no significant differences between the sexes. (Source: civey/t-online)

Roger Moore lands behind Daniel Craig

While Daniel Craig should be very present for the audience during his current appearances, most recently in 2021 in “James Bond 007: No Time to Die”, it’s only enough for second place – and that far behind. In the Civey survey, 13 percent chose the 54-year-old, who ordered a shaken martini one last time with his fifth 007 adventure and the tuxedo after “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall”, “Spectre ” and put “No Time To Die” on the nail forever.

Roger Moore, who hunted villains around the world seven times between 1973 and 1985 on behalf of His Majesty, is in third place in the poll. 12 percent are in favor of the actor who died in 2017. Pierce Brosnan, who starred as 007 in four James Bond films between 1995 and 2002, is three percentage points behind. Timothy Dalton and George Lazenby, the latter of whom appeared only once as Bond in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, are left in last place.

Sean Connery is still considered a role model by the creators

It is therefore not surprising that the 007 creators around Barbara Broccoli still have a ritual for selecting new James Bond actors. Also now, due to the agent vacuum after Daniel Craig’s departure, this procedure is being performed again. As the creators recently revealed, they always use a scene from the 1963 film “From Russia with Love” as the selection criterion for the casting. The potential Bond candidates must recreate the moment Sean Connery finds Soviet soldier Tatiana Romanova, played by Daniela Bianchi, in his bed, dressed only in a towel.

So Sean Connery is not only the most style-defining actor for fans of the film series to this day. Apparently, he is also considered an icon by the decision-makers themselves – and therefore serves as a model for all future incarnations of the role.

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