300,000 players tested the building strategy demo

from Jonathan Harsh
The demo for the building strategy game Manor Lords ends today. As the title publisher proudly announces on Twitter, the trial version has been downloaded a whopping 300,000 times.

As part of the Steam Next Fest, indie publisher Hooded Horse has released a demo for the strategy game Manor Lords. This seems to be a huge success, the publisher now states Twitter revealed, 300,000 people tried to build and defend a digital village. In addition, the developer behind the project, Greg Styczen, gave a little insight: according to him, there would have been no demo without the publisher, and despite some shortcomings in the test version, he is now very happy with the move (via Twitter).

Here’s what Hooded Horse says about the demo’s success: “We are truly grateful for all the support for the Manor Lords demo, from the wonderful videos/streams and articles to the supportive community response to the 300,000 players who took the time to try the game out.”

Manor Lords rivals the strategic grandees

Manor Lords is an impressive one-man project that has been in the works for quite some time. The object of the game is to build a small medieval settlement into a thriving metropolis. As the eponymous lord, you have to organize your subjects and manage resources.

Manor Lords: Ambitious Medieval Building Game in the Video

But sooner or later, those who have big goals will also meet resistance, as those who want to expand their lands will find themselves at odds with the surrounding principalities. The battles in Manor Lords are a real highlight, because while there isn’t a big team behind the title, there are large-scale battles that require clever tactics. The morale, weather and troop formation all play a big part in the decision between victory and defeat.

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If you want to try out the demo spontaneously, you can download it via Steam. Speaking of Steam, 500,000 users have already added the title to their wishlist. So Manor Lords could be a big hit when it hits the market. However, there is currently no release date.

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