3 Signs That Prove He’s No Longer Interested In You

When you first started dating he was an addict, but now you have a weird feeling about him? If these signs look familiar to you, he may no longer be interested in you.

There is a lot to lose – after all, men and women behave in a very special way when they get to know each other. While feelings show themselves, make yourself vulnerable and insecurity determine the timing of dating, thoughts circle back and forth. Women in particular drive themselves crazy and wonder if the chosen one is interested or even wants more. It becomes difficult as the weeks go by and there is no clarity between both parties. Women are still puzzling and men are often even out of breath, which is reflected in the following symptoms.

He only writes short

You were used to his frequent and detailed contact with you, especially in the first days and weeks of the introductory phase. Besides asking how you are doing and what you do, he was also curious about your interests and you got the feeling that he was trying very hard. But suddenly he lets it go. While you don’t understand the world anymore, this is (unfortunately) completely “normal” behavior in men. They lose interest much faster just when they realize you want him. In the age of online dating, he also happens to meet other women and so it may be that someone just more interesting is than you. As difficult as it sounds now…

He no longer asks for a meeting

It sounds blunt: men are hunters and like to take the initiative, especially if they are interested. Then they would like to meet up every day and ask more questions. But eventually it wears off and you wonder why. There are several reasons for this: from a new wife to noticing that you don’t fit together, everything is there. It’s not uncommon for a man to slack off when he realizes you’re not letting him in your bed soon enough. But then you certainly haven’t missed anything with him…

You run after him

Admittedly, taking the initiative and asking questions is more than welcome. But if you feel like you’re doing the only work, it’s not a good sign. If he does say yes to a date, it’s often more out of boredom and the fact that there isn’t a better date in sight. Getting to know each other and showing interest is always a matter of give and take – Never forget that!

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