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First Christmas without the Queen |

Perhaps the best gift? YOU don’t want to come!

This year Christmas is sure to be a particularly emotional one for the British royal family.

It will be the first time the royal family has met without the queen, who passed away in September at the age of 96. Yet YOU supposedly do not want to come: Prince Harry (38) and his wife Meghan (41).

For the first time, King Charles III. (74) are organizing this year’s family reunion and Christmas break at Sandringham Castle in Norfolk, England.

The British royals traditionally celebrate their Christmas at the royal estate in Sandringham

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it’s loud “Daily Mail” already that Prince William (40) and his wife Kate (40) have already accepted Charles’s invitation. They will camp for the holidays at their nearby mansion, Anmer Hall, which they received as a wedding gift from the Queen in 2011.

The drop-out royals Harry and Meghan are said to have invited King Charles together for Christmas. After all, Christmas is the festival of love, reflection and family.

In his first address to the nation as the new monarch, King Charles III. Forgiving of his youngest son and wife after the Queen’s death, he said: “I also want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build lives abroad.”

But Harry and Meghan prefer to stay in the US for Christmas, insiders say. They reportedly have no plans to travel to Norfolk, England to celebrate love. “It is unlikely they will be there,” a source close to the king told the Daily Mail.

Perhaps the most beautiful gift for some members of the royal family? Because some in the royal family will probably breathe a sigh of relief if the Sussexes turn down the Christmas invitation, they say.

Harry and Meghan appeared as a funeral unit in Windsor on September 10 after the Queen's death

Harry and Meghan appeared as a funeral unit in Windsor on September 10 after the Queen’s death

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Why? Relations between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the royal family are said to be “near rock bottom” right now, insiders say.

Please contribute to this the book title of Harry’s memoir, which comes out on January 10. Because they are called “SPARE”. Loosely translated as “spare part”. The Spanish version even has the additional title “The Substitute Prince”. Based on Harry’s role as the “eternal second” in the family. Behind Brother William, the “HEIR” (ie heir).

The title alone is exciting for the royals. And they still don’t even know what else is in it about them. “This book could mean the end of any relationship Harry wants to have with his family, it’s very sad,” a source told The Mirror. “Everyone is bracing for another nerve-wracking and hectic time at the mercy of the Sussexes.”

A conversation about this probably won’t come up over Christmas dinner – at least not WITH Harry and Meghan. Let’s just hope the other family members don’t spoil the Christmas roast if the subject does come up…

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